My Favorite Quotes
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 Lois Aronstein - “AARP commends the Governor and the State Legislature for taking this unprecedented step in helping to ensure that New York's most vulnerable citizens can stay warm this winter. With some people actually having to choose between filling their prescriptions and filling their oil tank, this funding couldn't have come at a better time.”
 Lois Aronstein - “Drug prices are much more than a casual concern for New Yorkers. As prices continue to increase, they've become an obstacle to being able to live a healthy life. This survey shows not only that high drug costs are a problem, but that people expect their legislators to do something about it.”
 Lois Aronstein - “Making sure people know about options to the high-priced brand name drugs could mean a world a difference for many New Yorkers, especially those who pay full retail for their drugs. We are fighting to ensure the drug that ends up in your medicine cabinet is the very best one for you.”
 Lois Aronstein - “When you get the card, it's a shock. People at age 50 don't feel ready to begin a new stage of life.”