My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Arpaio - “We learn by our problems. We correct our deficiencies if there are any.”
 Joe Arpaio - “women should be treated just like men.”
 Joe Arpaio - “I want to make this place so unpleasant that they won't even think about doing something that could bring them back.”
 Joe Arpaio - “We took away coffee, that saved 150,000 a year. Why do you need coffee in jail ... Switched to bologna sandwiches, that saved half a million dollars a year.”
 Joe Arpaio - “This has been very controversial. It should not have been. It's only because this guy is a celebrity. My deputies did the right thing. They charged him with reckless driving. There was no evidence that he was under the influence while driving, and that's the way it goes. Period.”
 Joe Arpaio - “We're coming into this town full force and we're going to take care of this problem like we did the drug and the graffiti problem.”
 Joe Arpaio - “We may need some clarification, but it gives me the authority now to arrest everybody involved in that situation and not have to rely on the feds,”