My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Arquit - “I think what the lawsuit is going to do is have people realize that the government is there to protect consumers, not to protect one competitor over another,”
 Kevin Arquit - “There are thousands of different card products, some are offered with low interest rates, some are offered with no fees, some are offered with a cash rebate.”
 Kevin Arquit - “What they presumably need to do today is come up with something that is realistic enough and acknowledges enough of the judge's finding that he takes the proposal seriously.”
 Kevin Arquit - “The FTC is beginning to require a lot more when they have a problem, ... They are going to make sure one of these doesn't slip through the cracks.”
 Kevin Arquit - “Microsoft has said the decision could hurt the overall economy it's something that's been followed like no other case and its happening in an industry that's changing very rapidly where justice delayed is justice denied, ... All the elements are in place for them to take it.”
 Kevin Arquit - “The Congress has pre-supposed some situation where it is appropriate to bypass the court of appeals, and if not this case, then what case would it ever be”
 Kevin Arquit - “The biggest hurdle is those that have relevant information may be afraid to come forward, ... PC makers may have a lot of useful information, but if they rely on Microsoft, there may be some reluctance to come forward. Hopefully, this will show the government is serious and those companies will go forward.”