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 Pervez Musharraf - “the functioning of the Government after the coup was 'monitored' by military commanders.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I still maintain that it ought to be short because any prolonging of the operation is not in the interests of anybody, not even the United States, ... One can only hope and wish that the military objectives are achieved, and it remains as short as possible.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Poverty and deprivation lead to frustration, making the masses vulnerable to exploitation by extremist organizations,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Let me say with total sincerity that I never said that, and it has been misquoted, ... These are not my words, and I would go to the extent of saying I am not so silly and stupid to make comments of this sort.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We must make a distinction between acts of legitimate resistance and freedom struggles on the one side and acts of terror on the other,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “But the parties themselves must step up and make changes to ensure their own survival. ... rigged elections.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “These are generally, if not all, religious extremists and they do not form the majority of Pakistan, ... There is no destabilization within. There is no opposition, no mass opposition, to me and my government.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I appeal to Pakistan's majority to assure that those people who want to harm Pakistan not damage any part of it.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The people and government of Pakistan deeply mourn the enormous and unprecedented loss of innocent lives, ... We share the grief of the American people in this grave national tragedy.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We cannot live in isolation. Forward looking countries perceive changes in advance. They formulate policies according to the changing world scenario.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I have also made known our policy of restraint and responsibility,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Our plan is his plan, ... We will assist him all the way in whatever he wants to do here.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “If a Middle East and a South Asia peace process can develop credibility, the very negative perceptions arising from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will become much less so,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The resolution of the Kashmir dispute is at the heart of Indo-Pakistan confrontation. This is the only issue blocking peace between us,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The hope I have is, now I feel nobody can stop this (peace) process from moving forward,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The resolution of the Kashmir dispute is at the heart of Indo-Pakistan confrontation. This is the only issue blocking peace between us.”
 Huwaida Arraf - “It reports the acts of violence against Israelis but never mentions the illegal acts on the Palestinians and the militants fighting for peace on both sides.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We want peace in Palestine and will continue extending support to our Palestinian brethren.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “the unity, the stability of Afghanistan and bring peace into Afghanistan.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I would like to reiterate our readiness to engage in a serious and sustained dialogue with India to commence together a journey of peace and progress,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Durable peace in Afghanistan would only be possible through the establishment of a broad-based multiethnic government representing the demographic contours of Afghanistan freely chosen by the Afghans without outside interference,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Who has suffered The families of the dead, no doubt. But a greater loss was inflicted on Pakistan because, as I said, we lost the pillars of our society.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “There is no doubt in my mind ... that we have to have elections and have an elected government in place by October 2002,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “On this day, the government and the people of Pakistan reaffirm their solidarity with their brothers and their sisters in the Indian-occupied Kashmir, and reconfirm their unswerving and unequivocal support to the legitimate and variant struggle of the Kashmiri people for their inalienable right for self-determination,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “The people of Pakistan want (democracy), and I certainly want it. There is no problem there,”

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