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 Pervez Musharraf - “We will allow every Kashmiri to come across the Line of Control to assist in the reconstruction effort,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We will allow every Kashmiri to come across the Line of Control and assist in the reconstruction effort,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I think it will be very unrealistic for any Indian leader to expect any leader of Pakistan to go and accept the permanence of the Line of Control,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We will allow any amount of people coming across the Line of Control to meet their relatives and assist with the reconstruction effort,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “fully prepared to face all consequences with all their might.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Our nations must not remain trapped by hate and history, in a cycle of confrontation and conflict,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “All I can do is to give my own assurance that we will try to avoid conflict. It will be my utmost endeavor to avoid conflict.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “There are no training camps in Pakistan, ... and there is no cross-border activity. We are moving forward on confidence building, on conflict resolution. Confidence building is meant to defuse tensions, and for the last two years we have only been defusing tension, through confidence building measures, people to people interaction etc.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Pakistan has no direct conflict or dispute with Israel,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We have always said that yes, he allowed proliferation to Libya, North Korea and Iran. But we cannot allow access to outsiders for his interrogation because one, it is a matter of great sensitivity, and two, it shows lack of confidence in our capability to interrogate and to share the information.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “This has become a money-making concern,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “Yes, I am going to postpone that, ... I always say that while this is a concern - we want to bring maximum relief and reconstruction effort - the other issue, the aircrafts, are a issue of security concern for Pakistan. We should never do something that jeopardizes one or the other. So, both have their importance.”
 Jane Arraf - “Stability has been a concern here, but there is nothing to indicate any instability -- certainly there has been political chaos.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I am going to postpone that (F-16s purchase)...but while we want to carry out massive relief and reconstruction effort, the other important issue is the security concern of Pakistan,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I believe in sympathy, compassion and forgiveness,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “never expected a Pakistani leader to be greeted by this community with this sort of ovation.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “And we are extremely grateful to the world community and the United Nations and Secretary-General Kofi Annan to be projecting our cause. But now we are getting into the reconstruction and the rehabilitation stage.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “I appeal to the international community to donate funds, give financial assistance and donate to the president's relief fund,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “help the international community fight terrorism.”
 Gen Musharraf - “If tsunami and US Hurricane Katrina can be assisted, why can Pakistan not be assisted where maybe we're poorer and the people affected are poorer Is the world community that lacking in conscience”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We regard terrorism as an evil that threatens the world community. Concerted international effort is needed to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. The carnage in New York and Washington has raised the struggle to a new level.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We hope the international community assists us in this hour of need, ... We should be able to raise this amount. I have spoken to world leaders and their responses have been very positive.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “We will do it ourselves if the world community does not help us,”
 Pervez Musharraf - “If the world community does not come up, we will do something ourselves - our economy is strong enough.”
 Pervez Musharraf - “All countries must join hands in this common cause.”

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