My Favorite Quotes
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 Shelly Arredondo - “You never know what hand she is going to deal you.”
 Ernesto Arredondo - “Free throws, free throws. We missed some key free throws and we've been good with free throws. I think today we just couldn't get them in there.”
 Ernesto Arredondo - “They did well. We came out and played today, especially considering what happened last night. The good thing is they came out and played together. We missed a few shots that we should have made. We had an opportunity to win. Again, (Steamboat) hit a couple of 3s, but we're improving.”
 Shelly Arredondo - “It's so awesome. It's a parent's dream. She'll get to travel and I'll get to watch her. It's far away, yet close enough for her to come home and do laundry.”
 Shelly Arredondo - “I know it (move) was tough on her. It was tough on me, losing her as an athlete, a student, and my daughter. But I think it turned out the best for her.”