My Favorite Quotes
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 Erika Arriaran - “What I'll take away the most from today is that you learn from your mistakes. Mistakes and hard lessons make you appreciate life more. That's how I think, and I was glad to hear that. I don't regret anything I've done because of that way of thinking.”
 Erika Arriaran - “She is our core player. She brings incredible energy, and we love playing with her and with her energy.”
 Erika Arriaran - “It was the same game plan for us, and with Tiffany being out we all knew without even having to say anything that we all needed to step up. I think the main thing was that we got too caught up in their game, and we couldn't get back into our game plan.”
 Erika Arriaran - “In high school, we never paid any attention. Everyone was like, 'No.' We pretty much got scolded for that. It had the player's mother's name, high school, where they used to live when they were 3 years old. Every detail is in there. They put so much time in, and we didn't even look at it.”