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 Al Harrington - “We took a couple steps backwards. The last couple of games we were focused in the fourth quarter and pretty much could get the job done. Tonight, we didn't do that.”
 Al Harrington - “We're a better team than we were last year. We've given away 10 games this year. We have to continue to compete.”
 Al Harrington - “I'm not even sweating that stuff. There's no need for that. I know who I am as a player and that I have a job to do for the next 32 games, whether that's in an Atlanta Hawks uniform or some other uniform.”
 Joey Harrington - “I truly believe (Jones) is the key to this offense. If you look at just the straight numbers over the last five games when Kevin was leading the NFL in rushing, it opened up everything for our passing game.”
 LaVar Arrington - “I was just a rookie, and I don't think Troy realized how fast I was. We've seen each other a lot since then because Aikman broadcasts games for Fox, and we joke about the play, but you never want to hurt someone.”
 Paddy Harrington - “He was an Irish cop, but far from what you probably have pictured. He was too gentle for that.”
 Nat Harrington - “We've been impressed and proud of the schools and students who have responded graciously and generously. Many students have spent their own lunch money and hard-earned savings to give to the victims of the storm.”
 Al Harrington - “(We want to) give the fans something to look forward to next year. We're going to be a much better team, and we are going to be scratching and clawing our way into the playoffs next year.”
 LaVar Arrington - “We can't give up the big play, ... That's what we do, and we have to stop that. That's got to be part of our maturation process.”
 LaVar Arrington - “We can't give up the big play. That's what we do, and we have to stop that. That's got to be part of our maturation process.”
 Paddy Harrington - “We talked more about what it takes to play golf than how to play golf.”
 Padraig Harrington - “It can be quite a frustrating golf course. One of my strengths is to stay patient, and that's probably why I have performed well here in the past.”
 Joey Harrington - “We're still as confident, as optimistic as we ever were. You know we hit a little stumbling block here, but I think it's going to be good for us because we can learn from it.”
 Al Harrington - “Believe it or not, when it left my hand, it felt good.”
 Sharon Harrington - “This is pretty good, and a much higher turnout than we expected. A single bond issue usually gets only about 20 to 25 percent turnout.”
 James Harrington - “The tapes and what's being said on them is being taken out of context by the government,”
 Nicki Harrington - “Our counties are growing. They're projecting about a 200,000-student growth for our district territory over the next decade, and we're preparing for that.”
 Mike Harrington - “We have such high humidity, and mold growth happens very quickly here.”
 Jay Harrington - “We would run him to the low post, and if he had a shot he has a great right hand or left hand jump hook. But he's more of a finesse player. If he didn't have a shot right away down low, we would run him to the 3-point line and let him shoot it.”
 Joey Harrington - “break my hand on a locker or kick the drywall.”
 LaVar Arrington - “The more I'm studying film, the better I'm getting, the faster I'm getting. As much as I would hate to admit that, I'm kind of seeing the differences. I'm realizing you get to a point of health, but then there's a point where you start getting back to who you are.”
 LaVar Arrington - “I'm watching film and I'm running with my chest up, my head back. ... That's not how you run and catch somebody.”
 Jay Harrington - “He doesn't mind getting dirty. You don't get your head split open or your lip split open by standing outside.”
 Renée Arrington - “Disengaged workers don't have traction. They're not accomplishing the same amount of work that they used to. The person has pulled his or her heart out of the work.”
 Joey Harrington - “It's nice playing in front of the best linebacker in the history of the game, isn't it”

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