My Favorite Quotes
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 Don Harrison - “No changes will happen to the Macon operation for the foreseeable future. We want the branches to keep working as they are.”
 Rodney Harrison - “We won one game tonight. We won one game. We've got to go to Carolina, Pittsburgh, we've got Atlanta, then we've got San Diego. We'll see what happens after that. We'll see if we're so great after those games.”
 Greg Garrison - “They've been in almost every one of their games. Mike's done a nice job over there. Their kids know how to compete and we have a lot of respect for them and their program.”
 Rodney Harrison - “We had some lack of communication and gave up a big play, and our goal is not to give up big plays,”
 Jim Harrison - “What they do, they do extremely well. We kept a shot chart on them and about 80 percent of their shots came within two feet of the basket because they're so good inside. We've got to give up shots to people who don't normally score to get some more bodies inside.”
 Rodney Harrison - “I've never been around anything like it. We'd stop 'em, three and out. Then Ryan Leaf and our offense would give 'em the ball back on the first play, so we'd go out and hold them, three and out, again. We never let up.”
 George Harrison - “The people gave their money and they gave their screams, but the Beatles gave their nervous systems, which is a much more difficult thing to give.”
 Bryan Larrison - “He's on the same line as (Joe Peruzzi and John Benson), scoring a lot of goals. We have a lot going for us with that line.”
 Doug Harrison - “He went out for a three-week break after the (Ipswich) Cup and has been back in work at the Gold Coast with Kelly Doughty,”
 George Harrison - “This is a golf game that could not be played on any other system. As an avid golfer, this game has me muttering to myself as often as the real thing.”
 John Harrison - “We repeatedly tell the public, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
 Jon Harrison - “Growth is extremely good and will probably continue to be so. That will provide some protection for the currency.”
 George Harrison - “As with all of our launches, it's always about making sure product is finished and as good as it can be.”
 David Harrison - “I was just out there playing. I got the ball in good position and scored it. We just needed a spark I guess and tonight, it was me.”
 Tim Harrison - “We came out too tentative. I knew that because our guys weren't doing their assignments, they weren't getting to their spots. We're real young, and we weren't disciplined. But Kalaheo's a real good team.”
 Gray Harrison - “All this week, we emphasized (limiting) his touches. We did a good job of that in the first half.”
 Greg Garrison - “We managed to hang on. We didn't do a good job of putting them away when we could have.”
 Donald Harrison - “What does the state government know that is preventing them from going forward They know something we don't know.”
 Jerome Harrison - “I'd take that to the grave with me.”
 Hunter Harrison - “There'll be no congestion at the port or on the network. The potential growth opportunities are immense.”
 Steve Harrison - “The 40,000 square-foot expansion underway will help us deal with that growth.”
 Neil Harrison - “We see this initiative as an essential step in our growth.”
 Tom Harrison - “My dad is just as comfortable there with a wood chipper in his hand as he is with a bill in his hands in the Senate.”
 Marvin Harrison - “The hand is pretty good. It reminds me of earlier in the year when I hurt my wrist. Today I wanted to get out here and practice not necessarily for the game Sunday but practice in preparations for the first playoff game.”
 John Harrison - “I hate to turn it over to this kid, ... He doesn't realize what he's got. It's a gem.”

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