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 Ron Artest - “It was just one of those games.”
 Ron Artest - “They should just give it to me. Guys are having 40 (point games), and they play against me and don't get nothing. I'm playing some good D.”
 Ron Artest - “It was good to get a win. All the games are tough right now. We came here to get a win. We worked hard and deserved to win tonight.”
 Ron Artest - “After missing 73 games, the team really stuck in there. The good thing about it is, we are not 100 percent, but we really wanted to win this game and we did.”
 Ron Artest - “He made some good shots. It's just part of the game. I had some battles that I won and he had some battles he won. But tonight we lost as a team, so that is the only thing that counts.”
 Ron Artest - “Young guys need to be reminded of what it takes to be a good defensive player. I just try to help out and tell guys what other guys told me when I came in the league.”
 Ron Artest - “It's like when you smoke cigarettes, you've got to take that nicotine patch and break that habit. We've got a habit of losing right now. We need to get, like, a nicotine winning patch. We've got to break that habit of losing, because it can become a habit. . . . We're working hard to break that habit.”
 Ron Artest - “The only thing on my mind is getting in shape. I've got an injury. So the only thing on my mind is getting over my injury and getting in shape.”
 Ron Artest - “It's happened to me before. It wasn't, like, the first time. I'm a little bit (more) able to deal with it and bounce back and be that much better. . . . I'm not going to think about putting the team on my shoulders. We're just going to think about winning games the same way we've been winning games.”
 Ron Artest - “You never know what is going to happen this time of the year. I have a goal to reach the playoffs. I just hope I can do my best.”
 Ron Artest - “It's the first time in a long time that I've been complimented on my leadership skills. Partly it was my fault that I hadn't been complimented in the past. Maybe some people just weren't recognizing.”
 Ron Artest - “He's getting over his jitters, ... It's tough. We're asking him to learn two positions. Danny has a tendency at times to be in a hurry.”
 Ron Artest - “You've got to be ready at all times. They have a really good team and they showed us some things we needed to see. They can really shoot the ball. If you leave them open a little bit, they're going to hit shots.”
 Ron Artest - “There were a lot of times we could have broken down. But we didn't. We stayed together throughout this whole game.”
 Ron Artest - “We had a legitimate shot (at a title). We would have been the best team in the East, and (Detroit) took San Antonio to Game 7. That could have been us. I wouldn't say I feel guilty. I just feel I have to win a championship.”
 Ron Artest - “There's no trade right now, but they (the Pacers) said they were going to try to get something sorted out to get the trade done.”
 Ron Artest - “I still think my past haunts me here. I think somewhere else I'm starting fresh. I'm coming in with baggage but people already know about it and how I'm going to be. Either they're going to be for me or they're not going to trade for me. Here I think my past haunts me.”
 Ron Artest - “I know him. He's a cool cat. I think he's from the 'hood. It's good he's showing us some support. I can't wait until he comes to Indiana. Indiana fans are looking forward to seeing him.”
 Ron Artest - “I can't wait until he comes to Indiana, ... Indiana fans can't wait to see him.”
 Ron Artest - “I saw the team that I was traded to and I just figured we were good enough to get in the playoffs. I still feel we have a championship caliber team. We're in the playoffs and now our goal is to win the whole thing. Everybody on this team is committed. We're going to walk the walk.”
 Ron Artest - “Today it was just a bad game. I'm just going to watch the tape and see what we did wrong. I felt pretty good. This game was a lot of errors, I just have to check it out. We had a lot of chances to still win. We've got to get back to how we were playing a couple of weeks ago. We're not playing both ends (of the floor) every game, only sometimes.”
 Ron Artest - “I feel like Ben Wallace stole it. Well, he didn't steal it, but I feel like I gave him three defensive player of the years. I gave him one that year I got in trouble ... that year I was suspended.”
 Ron Artest - “(Music star) Jay Z, he pays millions of dollars for promotion, and I'm getting it for free.”
 Ron Artest - “(The official) got in the way by mistake and the ball hit his foot. It was one of those games. We'll get it back, though.”
 Ron Artest - “I've said it a thousand times. Referees miss calls. They missed that one, too.”

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