My Favorite Quotes
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 Wayne Arthurs - “We don't have the two big guns in the singles, but we are good enough players to possibly snatch one of those singles matches.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I always put my hand up for singles, but obviously we've got a very good back-up now with Chris.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “It feels really, really good, really satisfying, ... Especially now that I'm older, it's probably even more satisfying to win a tournament this late in my career. I'm going to savor every moment of it, that's for sure.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “It's good work by Pete to qualify and I think he will do some damage against Haas in the first round,”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I just saw the ball really well today. I wanted to really win this match and I wasn't going to lose it and I think it showed out there as well.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I felt that I couldn't miss my serve no matter how hard I hit it,”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I was just really nervous, really tight. I couldn't release myself, but I dug deep and actually thought about the 2003 final where I played so well.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “To our credit we didn't get discouraged in that tiebreaker, and as it turned out it was a massively pivotal tiebreaker.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I was trying to maybe erase some memories of last time I was out on this court in 2001,”
 Wayne Arthurs - “It's very good to get through to the second round. My serve was solid today. I didn't convert as many opportunities as I'd have liked, but it's a good start to my week here.”
 Wayne Arthurs - “I believe the ATP needs to protect the defending champions of any event on the ATP Tour by introducing a special-exempt rule to guarantee that they are able to defend their title no matter (what) ranking. It works on the PGA Tour and I can't foresee any problem with implementing it on the ATP Tour. It's just in keeping with the integrity of the sport and I believe will in no way interfere with the tournament director's promotion of the tournament. It may even be of benefit.”