My Favorite Quotes
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 Lieba Schwartz - “In that way, I give back something that I had to be able to see in order to create.”
 Anne Schwartz - “We need anyone who saw them at anytime on Sunday to call us and give us the information.”
 Anne Schwartz - “We know there's additional information out there. If someone has provided you with that information, we need you to give us a call.”
 Brian Martz - “It was a good meet for a lot of young kids.”
 Alex Swartz - “I was surprised ... I didn't know what was happening. He had a good tight waist, so I was just trying to get to my feet.”
 Mike Martz - “Jeff was a very integral part when we had those good runs here,”
 Mike Martz - “Jeff was a very integral part of the team, obviously, when we had the good runs there in the Super Bowls. He's an outstanding tight end, and he just happens to be a good long snapper, too. But he's here to be a tight end for us.”
 Mike Martz - “You feel really good and then in the course of a couple hours you hit rock bottom.”
 Mike Martz - “It's an outstanding team and especially offensively. I think they are probably as good as anyone in the league on offense.”
 Mike Martz - “It's kind of exciting to see a lot of new faces as head coaches, and it's probably good for coaching to have turnover like that. But when you're one of those guys trying to get one of those jobs it's not exciting.”
 Sherwood Schwartz - “He was, first of all, a good friend of mine he wasn't just an actor who worked on my show,”
 Mike Martz - “We're all excited to have Orlando back and I know he feels good about being back, too. It's a relief to have him here and we're all just very pleased he's here and we can get going.”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “I think Scott will go to his grave as a Sun employee.”
 Mike Martz - “That would be unfair to Steve. But if I wanted an open line, isn't that my prerogative as head coach This is all so bizarre.”
 Mike Martz - “What a remarkable man he is and he really deserves to be a head coach in his own right,”
 Neil Schwartz - “The numbers are just staggering, considering the head start everyone else had.”
 David Schwartz - “This came entirely out of my head.”
 Mike Martz - “I was going through the calls in my head,”
 Kenneth Swartz - “A couple of words could be the difference between an indictment and no indictment. This is the heart and soul of their case.”
 Jim Schwartz - “That's their formula from last year run the hell out of the ball and he throws a couple passes a game.”
 Jim Schwartz - “That's their formula from last year run the hell out of the ball and he throws a couple passes a game.”
 Howard Schwartz - “We're going through a phase in history where the only thing that can stop poker from being the most popular form of gambling (slots excepted) is a big scandal,”
 Richard Schwartz - “I did not record them, because with his history and physical they did not seem consequential,”
 Michael Schwartz - “We certainly hope they're going to be honest. But we wouldn't expect to see a lot of these people standing up and saying they have some alternative lifestyle.”
 Mike Martz - “I think he's probably pretty close to where he was when last season ended, to be honest with you. He's really playing at a high level.”

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