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 Howard Schwartz - “We're going to have to address the problem and where it's coming from, how it's been native all these years and we've not seen it or how it was introduced so we can find a way to manage it, ... This is the subject of ongoing research project you'll be hearing a lot more about.”
 Jeffrey Schwartz - “So much of this is based on 35 years of studying humans physically, skeletally, developmentally, forensically,”
 Julius Schwartz - “When monumental things happen, you never know you'll be asked about them years later.”
 Mike Martz - “When we drafted these guys No. 1, the first thing everybody said - and I believe it - was that for a tackle, it usually takes three years to really establish yourself.”
 Larry Schwartz - “Even 60 years later, it's still difficult. They went through hell.”
 Mike Martz - “I think it's a trophy. It's taken him many years to get to that point and develop it. That's a lot of hard work there.”
 Tom Schwartz - “My modest wish then was that the library might, at some future time, have a building so I could see the light of day. It took 15 years from preliminary discussions to the opening of the museum to see those wishes realized.”
 David Schwartz - “The probability of a large and damaging earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area in the next 30 years is 70 percent, and that has an uncertainty of plus or minus 10 percent.”
 Jeremy Schwartz - “Demographics are much wider than they used to be a few years ago. You now have women making up half of all gamers, with 63 percent of online gamers between the ages of 25 to 45 years old and 10 percent over 55 years old.”
 Jeremy Schwartz - “Demographics are much wider than they used to be a few years ago, ... You now have women making up half of all gamers, with 63 percent of online gamers between the ages of 25 to 45 years old and 10 percent over 55 years old.”
 Mike Martz - “You'd like to take two years and school him. Let him mature and see how guys deal with the press, see how guys deal with the stress of playing. See how guys prepare, first and foremost. To me that's the way to let a top-notch player develop at that position.”
 Chuck Schwartz - “The question I would ask is Would you consider listing the species today Most rational people say no.”
 Brian Weingartz - “A lot of people have said they feel like we should have had a game tonight. But the good thing about not having a game is that everybody leaves here a winner this evening.”
 Brian Weingartz - “People that really respond to it are the ones who move here from out of town. They're really amazed by the facilities that we have. And when our kids travel out of town, they're always really amazed with how nice our facilities are compared to others.”
 David Schwartz - “It's big. They'll bet for the same reason people who don't even like football tune into the game It's a big spectacle.”
 Jim Schwartz - “I think people are looking forward to some stability, and to someone who will be around for a while.”
 Tom Schwartz - “People who suggest or might suggest that we remove the plaque, it does a disservice to the historical record. You don't rewrite history because of what exists here and now. History's there to interpret for hundreds of years down the road.”
 Chris Schwartz - “People thought the war was over in May of 2003 when President Bush landed on the cruiser under the banner that said mission accomplished. Here we are billions of dollars and thousands of lives later and it's still going on.”
 Sherwood Schwartz - “He was a great actor, ... People think it's easy to fall down and get hit in the head with a coconut. And, every time, he'd find a different way to do that.”
 Sherwood Schwartz - “He was a complex man. He was not a guy who just slipped on banana peels. He knew most people thought of him as a funny guy who could do funny things. But he was really an intellectual at heart.”
 Sherwood Schwartz - “You can tell a good actor if he's listening to the other people in the scene. When you looked at Bob, you could see the wheels going around in his head.”
 Andrew Schwartz - “I haven't gotten the sense that people are using the parties as a way to hook up.”
 Carol Bartz - “We are always on the hunt for some really good people with some good ideas, ... There will be some layoffs because there are some synergies and there will be people doing the same thing.”
 Alex Swartz - “We've been preparing for Game 1, not the series or the season, but Game 1 for a long time. And when that's over we'll focus on Game 2. We want to prove to a lot of people what were made of. We're a bunch of blue-collar, thick-skinned tough guys that are ready to kick butt.”
 Jack Schwartz - “Without a Jewish state, the iron truth of history is that the Jewish people sooner or later become even more vulnerable to the next wave of anti-Semitism.”

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