My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Martz - “You hope they do that. I want my guys to do other sports and be successful in other areas.”
 Mike Martz - “It would really hurt if this team wasn't going to be in such good hands.”
 Mike Martz - “I have no idea where he is or what he's doing or if he's coming in September or October or November, who knows ... I don't know what to expect. If the kid really wanted to be here, he'd be here. I'm upset with the whole thing.”
 Anne Schwartz - “To have something where we have so little information to go on is very difficult. We have no idea where these boys are.”
 James Swartz - “We can't emphasize enough the importance of fencing around pools, of pool covers, pool alarms. All of those things remain critically important to save lives.”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “There is no single individual who has created more jobs around the world than you.”
 Richard Schwartz - “We are honored to be recognized by these industry-leading publications for the innovation and capabilities that we offer. Our focus is to provide the best and most advanced products and services to the television broadcast industry, and these awards reinforce Axcera's position as the broadcast technology leader.”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “The industry generally falls into two camps Those who support what we're up to and others who want to collect a fee”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “Our emergence in the industry standard marketplace may get to the point where we are driving that marketplace rather than being driven by it.”
 Howard Schwartz - “One of things we know is that farmers learn from each other, ... This helps them share information as well as get information from us.”
 Ari Schwartz - “While public records are generally available, the lines become blurred in cases like this where public records are tied to other information. It can move into a situation where it becomes a direct violation of someone's privacy.”
 Robert Schwartz - “That reduces costs because we avoid replication of that information...and that drives efficiencies. Without it, we can't do the types of (product) launches we want to do.”
 Bob Schwartz - “What we're trying to figure out is how we can use information and shape it and translate it back into value.”
 Anne Schwartz - “We believe other people in the neighborhood have information about what happened out there.”
 Anne Schwartz - “We absolutely don't have any information about where they would be and why they would leave of their own accord. We just simply don't know where they are.”
 Anne Schwartz - “There wasn't one detail that came forward. It was just an amassing of information.”
 Anne Schwartz - “If that's what somebody needs to provide the information, the money is there.”
 Lieba Schwartz - “Judaism is everything it's emotional, intellectual, metaphysical. Here I was looking for all these things and it was in my own backyard.”
 Eric Schwartz - “... in the wake of the one-year commemoration it shouldn't be surprising that we have a sustained level of interest.”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “That's the next wave of innovation not the Web page but delivering services through the Internet. This is not your father's Internet.”
 Stephen Schwartz - “If somebody was bent on using that material in a weapon, they would most likely kill themselves and their compatriots before they were ever able to use the bomb,”
 Bill Schwartz - “It's way too soon to know whether this was drug related, whether this was some sort of retaliation for something, whether this person just wanted to send a message or whether he was out to kill someone.”
 John Schwartz - “We have a fifteen year lead in this market and we will retain our leadership.”
 Jack Schwartz - “We are hoarding potentials so great that they are just about unimaginable.”
 David Schwartz - “Look at things... as they can be.”

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