My Favorite Quotes
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 Douglas Schwartz - “I can't remember someone being so unknown.”
 David Schwartz - “The young man who was killed, the way he was shot, might lead one to believe the victim was turning away versus facing (Schuster), as (Schuster) claimed.”
 Jack Schwartz - “A fair observer only has to ask If there is violence, who profits”
 Anne Schwartz - “We are trying to make the streets safer from this kind of violence.”
 Bill Schwartz - “We've had no violence here. Let's keep it that way.”
 Jonathan Schwartz - “We intend to supply more than simple investment, by bringing to bear the experience and perspective that's put Sun in a leadership position on the Internet, ... We're looking forward to promoting the success of companies aligned with Sun's vision, and broadening our strategic portfolio.”
 Gary Schwartz - “It's my voice on Michelle Pfeiffer's answering machine. I'm her boyfriend saying we're breaking up, ... My voice jilts Michelle Pfeiffer.”
 Mike Martz - “I could tell by his voice it wasn't easy.”
 Bob Schwartz - “It's important to note that the initiative provides an exemption for small businesses. It's also been established that when minimum wages are increased, there is actually a savings to the employer because there's lower turnover rates and lower costs of training new employees.”
 Eric Schwartz - “It's important to understand the source (of outbreaks). But at the same time, you can't wait. You have to work concurrently.”
 Mike Martz - “He's very close. I don't know whether he'll play this week or not. If there's a risk, any risk at all, he won't play. Same with Isaac (Bruce). We'll move on and wait until they're completely ready to go.”
 Chuck Schwartz - “When a hunter kills an elk, you need to start your stopwatch. The longer you wait, the more likely a bear will show up.”
 Neil Schwartz - “Winners sell, no question about it. They're winning, they're fun to watch and they're in the playoffs.”
 Mike Martz - “I think if you watch out here in practice, his speed is truly remarkable. The refinement of that position is complete for him. Now it's just how to use him and where to use him and all of those good things.”
 Mike Martz - “Tommy's toe, the best way of explaining it, it was just hanging there. It was a complete reconstruction. We've got to watch how we use him, but he's been great.”
 David Schwartz - “It was fun to watch it the first time with your jaw open, because audiences were just astonished at what they were watching. But it's even more fun to look back on it now.”
 Allyson Schwartz - “Preserving local open space is not just critical to our region's quality of life, but also to safeguarding our water and environmental quality.”
 Jeremy Schwartz - “People are starting to dip their toes in the water and figure out the models for this,”
 Ed Schwartz - “Cadmium, possibly lead, certainly lots of iron in the water, you've got systems that are prone to leak.”
 Ed Schwartz - “I'm happy to say we now have nearly 80 of our schools back on line in terms of using city drinking water.”
 Carol Schwartz - “In my case, the lead and water issue made me support this even more.”
 David Schwartz - “In the large cities that received new Americans, there flowered a golden age of restaurants, manned by the available talent from abroad and fueled by the restless wealth of the newly rich.”
 Mike Martz - “The guys didn't feel a thing. They were playing at the same tempo at the end of the game. People talk about the heat out here, and it's warm, but we've been practicing in that 90-degree weather (in St. Louis) with all that humidity. So it really wasn't an issue for us.”
 Bill Schwartz - “It was a wild and crazy night. This building, built in 1976, shook like it was 1876.”
 Chuck Schwartz - “The Yellowstone ecosystem has a fixed amount of habitat. Once bears fill that habitat, the excess bears will probably wind up where they don't belong and are going to die.”

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