My Favorite Quotes
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 Eben Schwartz - “We'll have our final numbers by the end of this week. I'm expecting the trash numbers to be up this year, because the winter storms were so severe.”
 Victor Schwartz - “If these regulations are tough, and if they are sound, then there may be some wisdom to it. The real question is, is the standard better than a jury could come up with during a trial”
 Mike Martz - “This is very difficult for me. But I know this is the right thing to do health-wise.”
 Josh Schwartz - “The Rainy Day Women”
 Jim Schwartz - “I'm looking forward to working with the professional men and women of the Adrian Police Department.”
 Jeremy Schwartz - “The kind of games that Pogo has don't exploit women in any way, they don't have any violent thing, they don't have any of those potentially negative connotations,”
 Arthur Schwartz - “What I love about Brooklyn is there are more wonderful little joints than anywhere.”
 Judy Schwartz - “Oh, it's wonderful. It's really going to enhance the neighborhood. The back end will be more attractive and tie in more appropriately with the neighborhood feel.”
 Pepper Schwartz - “Holidays in general breed unrealistic expectations. The minute you start wondering is it going to be wonderful enough it never will be.”
 Arthur Schwartz - “I jokingly refer to the word gourmet as the g word.”
 Mark Swartz - “Every word I said was the complete and honest truth.”
 Chuck Schwartz - “It's probably one of the most studied mammals in the world.”
 Mike Martz - “Marshall assured me he'll be all right, and when Marshall says that, he'll be OK, ... I'm not going to worry about it until he tells me I should worry.”
 Brian Martz - “We know there's a track season and then there's a championship season. We've been preaching that if everybody just concentrates on their job and doesn't worry about whether they're letting the team down or not living up to somebody's expectations then they're going to be OK.”
 Kari Swartz - “If it's a short trip to go see your grandma in Minneapolis, that's something where you can kind of weigh the pros and cons as to if it's worth it.”
 Mike Martz - “There's a wrong impression that I'm desperate for a job. I'm not pursuing anything.”
 Michael Schwartz - “My client has been in jail for 19 months. They so totally have the wrong guy.”
 Morrie Schwartz - “One hundred and ten years from now no one who is here now will be alive.”
 Josh Schwartz - “The best years are behind me.”
 Allyson Schwartz - “Government experts have estimated that ANWR reserves would only provide enough oil for six months of U.S. oil consumption. In addition, the oil industry itself has estimated that it would take 10 years to bring this oil to the market.”
 Mike Martz - “It's quite a deviation from what we've seen in the past few years from the Giants. They do a lot of things. You just don't know what you're going to get, so you have to be prepared.”
 Mike Martz - “We've been a very young team for a few years now. And a young team kind of lacks direction. I think the leadership that comes with guys that have been in the league playing at such a high level is invaluable.”
 Neil Schwartz - “In the six years I've been here, I've never seen one team dominate the sales landscape as the Steelers have at the moment.”
 Julius Schwartz - “I don't remember what I did fifty years ago.”
 Josh Schwartz - “this sort of steaming, young Newpsie-in-training socialite who's been toiling in Marissa's shadow all these years.”

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