My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Arulanandam - “I think we're in really good territory, with a lot of hunters, a lot of sportsmen and a lot of NRA members.”
 Andrew Arulanandam - “If anyone is involved in the trade of selling and buying firearms, they have to obtain a federal firearms license. That is the law of the land today, so to say that there's a loophole is disingenuous.”
 Andrew Arulanandam - “It is a priority. In states where the statute calls for victims of crime to retreat, we think that that's wrong.”
 Andrew Arulanandam - “If a crime was committed, and the police are trying to trace the crime gun, they will get all the information they need.”
 Andrew Arulanandam - “This ban was enacted at the federal level, and Congress decided that it was an ineffective tool to combat violent crime, and as a result they did not renew it in 2004.”