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 Bob Arum - “What was supposed to happen was that Bobby Kennedy was going to become the secretary of state, Morgenthau was going to be the attorney general and I was going to move to Washington and become head of the tax division. If Oswald had missed, I'd probably be a judge somewhere now.”
 Bob Arum - “You have two of the best lightweights in the world fighting each other. Either one of these two could very well be in the main event, or fighting for a world title very soon. Because both are that good, we can only expect a great fight between them.”
 Bob Arum - “A lot of times, we'll be promoting a big event and someone on my staff gets nervous and I just laugh at them. Nothing -- trust me, there is no way -- that anything will ever be as tough as that. Everything has been easy since that one.”
 Bob Arum - “(Judah) will probably put up a much better fight because he's fighting for his life, in effect, than if he had just won a victory over Baldomir.”
 Bob Arum - “Leonard and Ali made their mark on network television, the Olympics Ali on 'Wide World of Sports,' Sugar Ray on ABC and so forth. By the time they were ready to go for the big bucks, they were household names. In this environment, it's much tougher.”
 Bob Arum - “Erik believes that he trained wrong.”
 Bob Arum - “They're out of their minds. Who do they think they are This is totally inappropriate. What they've done highlights the fact they're an organization that has absolutely no credibility.”
 Bob Arum - “Ricky Hatton is not going to fight a real opponent until he drains all the money out fighting secondary guys, in my opinion. That's why we decided not to go after him.”
 Bob Arum - “It's a disaster ready to happen again. Why is HBO doing this Is money so important, or are these guys who are the big names so important”
 Bob Arum - “He made a mistake by going into the ring, but it was his nephew, and this hooligan (Judah) -- that's what he is, a hooligan -- committed these very flagrant fouls.”
 Bob Arum - “I'm still trying to make (the fight). It all rests now on the shoulders of Floyd Mayweather.”
 Bob Arum - “I believed at the time that it was because he loved to eat so much that he didn't want to make weight. But obviously he is a heavyweight he's a good heavyweight.”
 Bob Arum - “I'm not comparing him as a fighter to Marvin Hagler, because there was only one Marvin, but the situation is the same. But I promised Antonio I would do everything in my power to make 2006 his year. If he doesn't get those fights this year, it won't be for a lack of effort. It will be because guys aren't interested in picking up the pen and signing the paper.”
 Bob Arum - “The heavyweight division takes as much of a blow on this as Bob Arum did. It's not good for the heavyweight division. You can't cry over spilled milk. Whatever is left out there, you have to make the best of it.”
 Bob Arum - “I think the public now is beginning to appreciate this man's talent. As the most talented fighter in the world, he will be in a position to be the biggest attraction and make the most money. I think one thing will naturally follow the other, as long as -- as he said -- is cooperative with the media and knows and understands promotion. The sky's the limit.”
 Bob Arum - “After the (Leon) Spinks loss (in February 1978), I asked him to promise me that he would never fight again.”
 Bob Arum - “The doctor came in and fired the trainer two weeks ago. We just found out that he's been without a trainer since then.”
 Bob Arum - “It's discretionary decision with the referee whether a fight will be canceled, and the referee (Richard Steele) decided to let the fight go on.”
 Bob Arum - “Erik has to make that decision (whether to fight again). I'm not in favor of it or ... (opposed to) it. It's his call to make, not mine.”
 Bob Arum - “The one criticism I have about Don is that he doesn't have any restraint. You make a buck, but it doesn't have to be your last buck.”
 Bob Arum - “Because we're not very happy with some of the underhanded things that HBO has pulled in this situation. But it's unfair for me to get into it right now. They're not here and I'm sure you'll read about it in court papers that are going to be filed.”
 Bob Arum - “I knew what he was trying to do. That type of stuff, which really meant nothing, fueled the controversy and animosity between us.”
 Bob Arum - “I have never seen a period of time when the heavyweight championship meant so little. It's clear.”
 Bob Arum - “Hopefully you mature as you get older. He's a bright kid. I think the lessons are now sinking in. I think he knows that as a celebrity, he has to protect himself. He can't go to the wrong places.”
 Bob Arum - “After that, it's been a piece of cake.”

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