My Favorite Quotes
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 Keri Harvey - “Who you are now is a hinderance to your future.”
 Bill Harvey - “We have become a lower risk and more stable investment for our shareowners. We will make prudent investments in our infrastructure and do have opportunities for future growth with our plans to add generating facilities to meet increasing customer demand.”
 Sean Harvey - “Im hoping it was just a scare. But we are not the type of team we were last year in that we are not going to go on these big runs. We are going to be in tight games that are going to be battles.”
 Steve Harvey - “I am from the hood I never had nothing. Now that I have something, I must give back,”
 Larry Harvey - “I've never been comfortable with the goals because we never come close to the goals.”
 Ryan Harvey - “The only thing that would have made the season better was making the playoffs. Luckily I got some of the offensive goals that I set for myself.”
 Francis Harvey - “The last four months of the (fiscal) year, we averaged about 8,000 recruits. We have a good momentum going right now,”
 Gerry Harvey - “It doesn't feel real good to me.”
 Ryan Harvey - “It'd be a good first full season for me.”
 Ellen Harvey - “Were very proud of him. And even on days when he might not be feeling that good, he pushes against it and fights right through it. Hes a driven man in whatever he does.”
 Jerry Harvey - “Anytime we try and contact any government agency on out here, we get the runaround.”
 Paul Harvey - “It's especially hard if the government is not providing services, or is even conducting ethnic cleansing against you.”
 Richard McGarvey - “From a health department standpoint, it's closed. They can't admit patients. They can't treat patients. They can't do hospital-type work there.”
 Brenda Harvey - “Although I'm pleased to learn that Maine is at the top of its class when it comes to our mental health system, I realize that we have a ways to go.”
 Keri Harvey - “Your room is a reflection of your heart.”
 Craig Harvey - “Primarily, he just had a bad heart.”
 Gavin Harvey - “I think we can bring a focus to (hockey) and storytelling and coverage that will be something new. We're optimistic about growing the sport.”
 Steve Harvey - “He's a honest man who does what he says,”
 Richard Harvey - “We'd like to preserve about 1,000 acres a year. We hope to be at 9,500 next year (since the program started in 1990) and our goal is to reach 10,000 acres by 2007.”
 Carolyn Harvey - “Ever since we've had these light houses, not one ship has come into our house. About twice a year they have to have a new bulb put in.”
 John Harvey - “Somebody is going to get hurt. Somebody's going to get shot over these town ordinances. It's not fun getting shot at. When are you going to do something about it”
 Dana Carvey - “He can't tell you, but he didn't hurt anyone,”
 Chris Harvey - “I told Leslie, let's come up and ask. It can't hurt to ask.”
 Jane Garvey - “The FAA is willing to do whatever is within our power to improve the efficiency of the air traffic system, so long as safety is not compromised.”
 Steve Harvey - “There is a problem with (work) encroaching on home life, if the individual does not manage it and set the boundaries,”

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