My Favorite Quotes
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 Agnes Garvin - “They just give us all kinds of reasons. I just think the paperwork got placed in the box and that box is the trash can.”
 Lee Marvin - “I think one-half of this belongs to some horse somewhere in the Valley.”
 Chris Garvin - “We've got to work on our foul shots. I told the kids we need to be about 70 percent from the line and we are still shooting 50 percent. That can hurt you in games like this.”
 Jim Garvin - “Looking for life on Mars is such a big task that we really had to start by building a knowledge base. We started exploring Mars with Viking by asking some tough questions, which led to more complicated questions and more exploration. We have to think of it like school. We start in kindergarten learning the alphabet and build from there. In kindergarten, we don't jump right into calculus.”
 Lee Marvin - “Tequila. Straight. There's a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won't go down. Then you know you've reached your limit.”
 Lee Marvin - “Newman has it all worked out. I get a million. He gets a million two, but that includes 200,000 expenses.”
 Lee Marvin - “If I have any appeal at all, it's to the fellow who takes out the garbage.”
 Chris Garvin - “It just wasn't our day at all. You keep telling the kids to play thought it, but it's hard. They kept hustling, but we weren't making our shots.”
 John Arvin - “I thought it was the most exciting thing I had ever heard in my lifetime. I was blown away.”
 Rebekah Garvin - “It kind of blew me away, and instantly I had this thought, well what if she is.”
 Lee Marvin - “That was a pretty exciting time. All I remember is the puck going in the net, jumping over the boards and jumping on the pile.”
 Jim Garvin - “The students that are learning about Mars through this expedition are understanding the tools and technology to ask the right questions and get the right answers. They're the ones who will be traveling to Mars and making the great discoveries. They'll do the fun stuff.”
 Alysha Harvin - “I have to admit, it was ugly. But a win is a win. I don't know what happened out there. Our shots weren't going in, but our team really wanted to get to Lakeland and it feels good to know we're going to state.”
 Jim Garvin - “We believe hydrogen may be the clue, the fingerprint, of where water may be.”
 John Arvin - “I'd attribute the lack of wild fruits to the drought we've been experiencing.”
 John Arvin - “The robin population is variable from one winter to the next.”
 John Arvin - “I have heard robins singing in areas of Beaumont. But you're probably going to have to wait until next winter to see the flocks of robins come through.”
 Jon Garvin - “It was a tall order and they did everything they could. I thought that was what gave our team the best chance to win. They were all for it.”
 Agnes Garvin - “We're all in this together. So it provided an opportunity for us to exchange views.”
 Alysha Harvin - “We really have a lot of motivation to win this. There are a lot of people who keep doubting us, but we're working hard and we keep winning.”
 James Garvin - “This allowed us to look at the Moon with new eyes. We haven't had ultraviolet vision before to do this.”
 Jim Garvin - “Our initial findings support the potential existence of some unique varieties of oxygen rich glassy soils in both the Aristarchus and Apollo 17 regions . They could be well-suited for visits by robots and human explorers to learn how to live off the land on the Moon.”
 Jim Garvin - “That's the job Hubble had to do at the moon. It was a noteworthy undertaking. This is in some sense the miracle on the moon.”
 Chris Garvin - “We missed a lot of shots. We had a lot of lay-ups that just weren't going in. We just missed a lot of easy lay-ups, a lot of shots we generally make.”
 Lee Marvin - “I only make movies to finance my fishing'.”

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