My Favorite Quotes
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 Mao Asada - “I'm very happy to have done two triple Axels, I wasn't thinking about the championship but was just focusing on the two triple Axels. I'd give myself 95 out of 100 for today's skate.”
 Mao Asada - “I wasn't thinking about the championship ... just focusing on the two triple axels. I'd give myself 95 out of 100.”
 Jamie Masada - “It breaks my heart. Every year we see more and more and more people. Last year we fed 1,500. This year we think we're going to have 2,000 people.”
 Jamie Masada - “I do not know. I'm not the judge and jury.”
 Mao Asada - “I'm so happy to have completed the two triple axels. I wasn't really thinking about winning this championship too much. I was more concerned with trying to land the two triple axels.”
 Tim Zasada - “We haven't won a road game and we haven't won two in a row. We spoke about trying to end the season on a good note. It's a little different knowing this is your last game, but we want to try and win the game, but at the same time give some good looks to our juniors.”
 Mao Asada - “Today is the worst performance of the season for me. I couldn't skate clean. I do not understand really what happened to me.”
 Tim Zasada - “We got kicked out of the gym yesterday by the boys, we get no respect. Then they (Thornton) give us a bad seed in the regional and we're at least a six seed. We beat them by 40 (a few weeks back) and they give us that.”
 Tim Zasada - “It all starts with the nose guard. You're just worried about getting the snap off and not getting hit.”
 Tim Zasada - “We're an injury away from being mediocre or bad.”
 Mao Asada - “Hmm, I do want to perform in Turin a little bit, but not being able to do so doesn't upset me all that much.”
 Mao Asada - “I tried that double axel too cautiously. Feeling tired at the last, I thought I would fall if I jumped hard. In the free skate, I'll do two triple axels and perform like I did in the Grand Prix Final.”
 Tim Zasada - “She's the smallest kid on the floor, but she's the nastiest, no doubt about it. She's very passionate.”
 Tim Zasada - “It's a shame she doesn't have more confidence in her shot. I have confidence she can make 3s.”
 Jamie Masada - “It's all about the GOP comedy.”
 Jamie Masada - “The Laugh Factory, whose flagship club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood has long been a haven for freedom of expression enthusiasts, has upped the ante in New York by listing support for Miller on the club's marquee. Jailing a journalist for keeping confidential a conversation she had, has a chilling effect on free expression, ... The outrage expressed over this matter has been confined, it seems, to the NY Times. Where is the outrage”
 Jamie Masada - “He seems like he's sad. ... This stress, it could bring his cancer back any time,”
 Tim Zasada - “They looked a little rattled. Our girls do a great job of sensing that. It's like they smell blood.”
 Tim Zasada - “Any time we think we got one-on-one coverage, we're going to throw it. It could be fourth-and-1, we'll go ahead and give it a shot.”