My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Asadourian - “They're excited. But I told them one thing at a time.”
 Pete Asadourian - “We got our eight wins. But at the same time let's get three more, we're going into the state tournament 11-9, you tend to get a good draw.”
 Pete Asadourian - “Berlin's a great team. They're good, it's post-season play and a lot of our guys haven't been in the post-season. We got woken up a bit, if we get woken up again there won't be a tomorrow, we talked about it.”
 Pete Asadourian - “With hard work and a hard work ethic comes success.”
 Pete Asadourian - “Hes been waiting for this. Hes been on the varsity team for four years and he got a taste of this his freshman year. He wants to keep going. Hes our captain. Hes our leader.”
 Pete Asadourian - “An everyday fight, come in here each day and fight to make ourselves better.”
 Pete Asadourian - “Our game plan is to play aggressive defense. With all those fouls, we kind of got taken out of the flow.”
 Pete Asadourian - “There's always things to work on, you have to work to perfection.”
 Pete Asadourian - “It was one of the things that we emphasized, patience. Just working the ball around, moving the ball ..We knew that Somers was going to come in and try and scramble and put a lot of ball pressure on us.”
 Pete Asadourian - “We're in a pretty good position, we need three wins to attain one of main goals, to make the tournament. As far as respect I don't think in Rocky Hill in general gets respect...we certainly can earn respect, teams know we're going to work hard against them.”