My Favorite Quotes
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 Shinobu Asagoe - “It was one of the best performances of my career. Passing shots and lobs worked really well for us. At match point, I was so excited that I felt like my heart was coming out of my mouth.”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “I thought the (seventh) game was finished and when I askedthe umpire, she confirmed it, ... Then they started counting the points and nobody could rememberthe third one, so in the end it looked like it was all my fault.”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “I'd heard (Peer) was good at beating Japanese players and was difficult to play against so I made I kept at her right until the very end.”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “Maria didn't play so well in the first set and I started totake things too easy after a while, ... It took a while for me to get backinto a groove where I wasn't just swinging wildly at the ball.”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “Since this is a tournament held in Japan, of course I'd liketo win it, be seen in a good light and see my stock go up, ... But it's important to play onegame at a time and not get tense like I did today.”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “I only really started to play well at the end of the second set but of course by that time it was too late. I'm really disappointed,”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “I feel that I've improved in every facet of my game and am finally able to play my own style of tennis,”
 Shinobu Asagoe - “My timing was off and I got somewhat ahead of myself in my eagerness for a break point. I'd like to limit these types of routine errors in the future,”