My Favorite Quotes
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 Ziad Asali - “He understands fully the political equation that goes with the security equation -- the need to deal with both. He understands that the security questions that have been raised and used in the occupation and the attack on the Palestinian people would indeed generate antagonism towards Israel and to the United States and create terrorism.”
 Ziad Asali - “The Arab Boycott Bureau has been an ineffectual economic weapon, it has clearly not damaged the Israeli economy, but it did have political impact. As Arab leaders consider lifting it they should ensure that the Palestinian economy draws substantial benefits. Such a move would have the added benefit of narrowing the economic gap between both communities, making negotiation more feasible.”
 Ziad Asali - “Abbas is someone who is in a difficult situation. But he is looking to dispel the accusation that he is weak, and to show that he has a good understanding and analysis of his circumstances.”