My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Asaro - “The combination of these two next-generation NAS and SAN solutions makes them pretty competitive to leading vendors, such as Network Appliance, and to a lesser-extent EMC, ... There is more and more demand among customers for a converged solution.”
 Tony Asaro - “ESG has found that the active archive arena is one of the fastest-growing markets in disk storage. The main drivers for this are meeting regulatory compliance mandates, litigation protection and to improve IT efficiencies.”
 Tony Asaro - “The REO disk-based backup appliances have led the market for SMB customers. Overland is approaching the market by emphasizing value-based pricing, ease of use, and the intelligence of its Protection OS suite. ESG Research has found that customers want to retain backup data onto disk for relatively long periods of time so they can rapidly recover data. With the increased capacity support, the REO is an excellent recovery appliance. Additionally, being able to scale to 38 terabytes enables Overland to extend its reach to larger customers, leveraging its leadership and success in the SMB market.”
 Tony Asaro - “Actual stored data can be reduced by magnitudes and result in enormous cost savings.”
 Tony Asaro - “Good will. Positive community interaction. There's a lot of other things out there that mean a lot besides money.”
 Tony Asaro - “We expect that to be typical for the average customer.”