My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Asbell - “One of our goals was to have a quarter where we only gave up nine points or less. Instead, we only gave up nine in the half.”
 Jason Asbell - “We felt like if we could get her out of the game, it would be a bonus. She's the heart of their team.”
 Jason Asbell - “We've tried to put ourselves in position to play some really talented teams or individual players.”
 Jason Asbell - “When you haven't taken that next step, self doubt can take over. But the kids showed a lot of heart and composure. I'm really proud of this group.”
 Jason Asbell - “They do things that I have no control over. It's just God-given talent.”
 Jason Asbell - “We have seven seniors on this team and we talked about keeping our composure at halftime. For us, this was a business trip, and tonight we took care of business.”
 Jason Asbell - “Generally, what we try to do if we have a game where we have to play for 32 minutes is try to wear them down by playing full court. But if we get ahead by a good margin, then we'll call off the dogs.”
 Jason Asbell - “They have the ability to know where each other is gonna be. A lot of times, they'll make a pass, and someone else might not know where it's going. But they know where it's going.”