My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Rasch - “If you are a determined bad guy, you will find relatively easy ways to avoid detection. The good news is that most bad guys are not clever and not determined.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Conservatives sense a link between television and drugs, but they do not grasp the nature of this connection.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Conservatives have no understanding of modern capitalism. They have a distorted understanding of the traditional values they claim to defend.”
 Christopher Lasch - “The model of ownership, in a society organized round mass consumption, is addiction.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Traditionalists will have to master techniques of sustained activism formerly monopolized by the left.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Most of these alternative arrangements, so-called, arise out of the ruins of marriages, not as an improvement of old fashioned marriage.”
 Harry Masch - “We have somehow found a way to win most close games. I think that's what we've got to continue to do play smart basketball, play fundamental basketball, don't foul needlessly and make open shots.”
 Mark Rasch - “I would say the Fourth Amendment (guaranteeing protection against unreasonable searches) is the Fourth Amendment, and the fact that you're invading the privacy of millions as opposed to dozens should make it worse, not better.”
 Mark Rasch - “They sell it, and they make money off the personal information that I have given them. And what we are recognizing now on the Internet is that personal information is commodity.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Make it new is the message not just of modern art but of modern consumerism, of which modern art is largely a mirror image.”
 Mark Rasch - “What I would as a parent argue is that I can consent to my kid's monitoring. Hey, it's my kid. I can read their mail, but the federal law doesn't make any distinction. If I'm reading anybody's communications without their consent or without a consent of one party, I'm violating federal law.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Because politics rests on an irreducible measure of coercion, it can never become a perfect realm of perfect love and justice.”
 Christopher Lasch - “It is the logic of consumerism that undermines the values of loyalty and permanence and promotes a different set of values that is destructive of family life.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Most people no longer live in nuclear families at all.”
 Mark Rasch - “If you have a policy that says e-mail can be monitored but in 10 years you've never monitored anybody's e-mail, then your de facto policy is that e-mail is not monitored.”
 Mark Rasch - “Most companies have a policy that says if you use our computers you consent to our monitoring.”
 Ken Wasch - “There's no doubt that the momentum of ODF is gaining traction worldwide as more people every day are discovering that it's a better way to preserve and access documents.”
 Christopher Lasch - “The left dismisses talk about the collapse of family life and talks instead about the emergence of the growing new diversity of family types.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Ostensibly rigorous and realistic, contemporary conservatism is an ideology of denial. Its symbol is a smile button.”
 Christopher Lasch - “The attempt to redefine the family as a purely voluntary arrangement grows out of the modern delusion that people can keep all their options open all the time.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Personal disintegration remains always an imminent danger.”
 Christopher Lasch - “In an individualistic culture, the narcissist is God's gift to the world. In a collectivist society, the narcissist is God's gift to the collective.”
 Christopher Lasch - “In an individualistic culture, the narcissist is 'God's gift to the world'. In a collectivist society, the narcissist is 'God's gift to the collective.”
 Mark Rasch - “They have to put in effective measures right away to ensure the confidentiality and security of consumers' credit card numbers and other personal data, ... Egghead.com has a privacy policy that says they will do just that, so they are bound by law to do so.”
 Christopher Lasch - “Liberals subscribe to the new flexible, pluralistic definition of the family their defense of families carries no conviction.”

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