My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Aseltine - “We're pleased that the judge ruled that he remains governor and can continue to sign legislation.”
 Phil Haseltine - “It is our hope that these funds will add that extra incentive, especially at a time when budgets are tight.”
 Peter Aseltine - “The task force will look at these technologies and make a recommendation to the attorney general, who is authorized to approve a list of less-lethal ammunition for law enforcement in New Jersey.”
 Peter Aseltine - “The department has a strict policy of not commenting on any matter related to such a background check.”
 Phil Haseltine - “We are encouraged that these new data, combined with the funds available to states, will add an extra incentive for Kansas legislators to pass a primary seat belt law. It's time for our leaders to heed the call of law enforcement, the safety community, and most importantly, its citizens, to enact a law that has proven to save lives.”
 Phil Haseltine - “The new data make clear that the difference between states with high seat belt use and states with low seat belt use is a primary seat belt law.”
 Peter Aseltine - “The goal in all of this is to get clean title to the homeowners, but there are certain parties that have obligations with respect to these properties and the fact that these titles were not clear.”
 Phil Haseltine - “Old air bag, new air bag, no air bag children are safer in back.”
 Phil Haseltine - “Old air bag, new air bag, no air bag children are safer in back.”