My Favorite Quotes
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 Charon Asetoyer - “This will force women out of the state and would cost more money and more time and a lot of women may not realize they have that option. It increases the trauma for those who have been sexually assaulted.”
 Charon Asetoyer - “It's pure nonsense that a state legislator would think there's nothing he can do to benefit Native Americans. The high infant mortality rate on reservations is due to devastating poverty. Yet the state has not passed any laws in the last several years that would boost any of the health or education programs within the reservation community. As for tribal sovereignty, the only time the state wants to recognize it is when it benefits the state, as in this instance when it allows Senator Napoli to opt out of an intelligent response.”
 Charon Asetoyer - “It is very important that we have access to safe, legal pregnancy termination services, whether it is emergency contraceptives right after the assault or an abortion service.”
 Charon Asetoyer - “It's a sad state of affairs that we have only one choice (for abortion) right now. But if you have to go out of state, the cost of making that trip will be prohibitive.”