My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Asfour - “Whenever you have this level of incompetence, that's uncalled for. Somebody's head should roll, period.”
 Hassan Asfour - “Suspending the operations of the PLO office is another message from Congress to the Palestinian people that it adopts the position of the far right in Israel and this does not serve U.S. interests in the region.”
 Hassan Asfour - “Holding a summit without first reaching common ground on the crucial issues being negotiated poses a real political danger and paves the way for confrontations rather than a settlement. The summit would fail, and this would lead to explosions.”
 Paul Asfour - “If we don't provide that (seamless transition) in a temporary facility or whatever, you may have some parents who are reluctant to put their children in the charter middle school if they have to go ahead and transfer back to the regular public school system.”
 Hassan Asfour - “But if it makes the Americans happy and willing to go on to discuss the real issues of the peace process, we happily grant them that achievement.”