My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeni Ashbrook - “What we do here also affects the county -- and vice versa.”
 Jeni Ashbrook - “Please do not let this be the end, but the beginning of many joint meetings to better the working relationships between communities.”
 Jeni Ashbrook - “It is our hope we can hold these planning meetings on an annual basis and have as great a success as Grove City has had.”
 John Ashbrook - “Any time Republicans spend money and it isn't against Democrats, it's a distraction.”
 John Ashbrook - “These weeks are packed full of events for her. It's a good time to meet with people and local organizations that don't send people out to Washington, but still have a need to connect with their member of Congress.”
 Jeni Ashbrook - “The growth issue has got to be probably our biggest concern.”