My Favorite Quotes
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 John Ashcroft - “It is our goal to return parts of the Iraqi people's past. In doing so, we hope to return pieces of the Iraqi people's future.”
 John Ashcroft - “These convictions are a stark reminder that terrorist organizations are active in the United States. We will not allow terrorist groups to exploit America's freedoms for their murderous goals. We will not stand by as United States citizens support terrorist causes.”
 John Ashcroft - “The indictment explains that elements of the Iranian government inspired, supported and supervised members of Saudi Hezbollah, ... In particular, the indictment alleges that the charged defendants reported their surveillance activities to Iranian officials and were supported and directed in those activities by Iranian officials.”
 John Ashcroft - “I would hope we would be able to develop an understanding of the current policies of the federal law enforcement agencies as they relate to racial profiling,”
 John Ashcroft - “It is our hope that the release of these photographs will prompt others who may have seen the hijackers or been in contact with them to contact the FBI with any information they may have that would be helpful with the investigation,”
 John Ashcroft - “illegal steroid use calls into question not only the integrity of the athletes who use them but also the integrity of the sports that those athletes play.”
 Richard Ashcroft - “I have always given everything to the band and would have continued to do so if circumstances had not made it impossible.”
 John Ashcroft - “should be looking for ways to improve the safety and security of American liberty.”
 John Ashcroft - “An individual with that kind of situation is an individual who might know a lot about what could happen, might know the names of individuals, information being so key to intelligence and prevention,”
 John Ashcroft - “We have not foreclosed charging other crimes against this individual should other evidence be developed or other evidence be made available,”
 John Ashcroft - “Mr. Walker is an adult who made very serious decisions against the United States ... , ... No other individual has a right to impose an attorney on him or to choose an attorney for him.”
 John Ashcroft - “Anyone who purposefully leaks information that has been classified is ... subordinating national security,”
 John Ashcroft - “We are making the kinds of contacts and developing the information that allow us to describe this as proceeding with reasonable success,”
 John Ashcroft - “The integrity of a program that's designed to protect innocent people from suffering at the hands of brutal regimes is a serious matter,”
 John Ashcroft - “protect the integrity of the system of justice.”
 John Ashcroft - “After carefully reviewing the transcript of the speech Monday night, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the honorable step for the president is to resign to protect America and the presidency, ... The national interest should be placed above his personal interest.”
 John Ashcroft - “I know the difference between enacting and enforcing the law, ... It means advancing the nation's interest, not advocating my personal interest.”
 John Ashcroft - “We will continue to greet our international neighbors with good will.”
 John Ashcroft - “It is extraordinary for the United States to have to charge one of its own citizens with aiding and conspiring with international terrorist groups whose agenda is to kill Americans,”
 John Ashcroft - “This is not the end of the journey. This is an important set of first steps essential to the journey's end, but not sufficient to get us there.”
 John Ashcroft - “I believe that I acted properly in carrying out my duties as a member of the Senate in relation to Judge Ronnie White,”
 John Ashcroft - “The Department of Justice will continue to use every available resource to prosecute child pornography cases,”
 John Ashcroft - “Although the criminals who committed the thefts may have transported the objects beyond Iraq's borders, they should know that they have not escaped the reach of justice,”
 John Ashcroft - “We will bring them to justice or we will take justice to them,”
 John Ashcroft - “Individuals who commit treasonous acts against the United States will be held fully accountable, ... I will devote whatever resources are necessary within the department to ensure that justice is done in this case and any other case like it.”

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