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 John Asher - “Certainly, we hate to lose him, because he's still at the top of his game,”
 Joe Asher - “We're budgeted for this year. We did the budgeting for this year in the spring, so our year is set. However, if the price remains high or goes higher, then we may have to drop a home-and-home series with someone.”
 John Asher - “We have no idea how those tickets got out there, but we certainly have no suspicion of any kind of internal source.”
 Nathan Vasher - “It's disappointing. But it's something you can improve upon and just go forward from there.”
 Peter Asher - “Well, in the sense that we do not tour or record together anymore - then I suppose not. But if our old recordings get heard more we shall be delighted.”
 Peter Asher - “Shows were very different then - even as the headliner we did a very short set by today's standards and sound systems were really primitive. But the girls made it all worthwhile”
 Peter Asher - “Paul and I don't see that much of each other these days, but I certainly still regard him as a friend.”
 Jane Asher - “We get a lot of overseas people wanting to order cakes.”
 Jane Asher - “Of all the things I do, acting is the thing that grabs most, but there's another level on which it strikes me as being a little silly. In the end you're dressing up and deciding to be somebody.”
 Jane Asher - “I think one wants lots of different lives.”
 Jane Asher - “I look at myself objectively and in a way I see myself as a commodity. Your name becomes somehow outside yourself. Now, when I'm at home being Mrs. Scarfe, that's when I'm most myself.”
 Jane Asher - “Having done lifestyle books and being an actress, I suppose it made sense to bring the two together. I think that's what happened.”
 Jane Asher - “Acting has been very useful to me.”
 John Asher - “I think it just shows the strength and popularity of the Derby at this point. A few weeks ago our list of horses we thought were possible or probable seemed to be shrinking a bit. But when we got the last round of major preps, the list started growing again -- even though two horses (Brother Derek and Lawyer Ron) you'd regard as the favorites scored emphatic victories.”
 Nathan Vasher - “I was feeling like I was running the 400 meters out there. I just fell into the end zone. The NFL has been around a long time. For my name to be at the top of that is truly an honor.”
 Nathan Vasher - “I was feeling like I was running the 400 meters out there. I just fell into the end zone, ... The NFL has been around a long time. For my name to be at the top of that is truly an honor.”
 Herb Asher - “The state, for a long period of time, has been undergoing a wrenching economic transformation. The reality is much grimmer than in other states.”
 Marwan Muasher - “We have been putting security measures at hotels for some time now. We have been expecting terrorist attacks for some time,”
 John Asher - “It's very quiet back here for this time of the year. There's not a lot going on. But they will all be here in plenty of time for May 6.”
 John Asher - “What time they get here is irrelevant. What time they hit the wire on May 6 is what's important.”
 Peter Asher - “In addition to helping select the title, Frances Bean also played a role in choosing the cover image. Courtney and I involve Frances in NirvanaKurt decisions whenever we can, ... She's very perceptive and has cool ideas.”
 Nathan Vasher - “It was very disappointing, but the sun did come out today and it was a bright day so we just look forward to next season, and we know that we started out on the right foot this year and we just try to continue to build on that.”
 Joe Asher - “There has been a high level of interest by the casinos that's only going to intensify after today.”
 Joe Asher - “Security is a big deal and we are very familiar with it because we operate in that world today.”
 Steve Frasher - “There were no arrests today. The event was well-planned and there was good communication all around.”

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