My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Ashkenaz - “You should never give out any personal information to people you don't know.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “The rules are established by the companies. As we understand it, the requirements for these programs are that you can't have access to prescription drug coverage and still qualify for the program. They can change that. It's up to them it's not up to us.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “If they wait, they're taking a big gamble.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “We have a short time to be working with the plans to make sure the beneficiaries get the information. Some plans are already doing it.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “We'd like to make sure it doesn't get to be widespread.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “It's real important to look at the lessons we learned to see what we can use to make it better. ... It comes down to what makes sense for the beneficiary and also keeps the plans viable.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “Time is truly of the essence to give us time to review the plan and the state time to implement it.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “As long as the drug that is being prescribed is medically necessary, the plan will cover this drug.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “We're getting people into the right plans and the right computer systems as fast as we can.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “It's also illegal for Americans to buy drugs from Canada.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “By enrolling in a Medicare drug plan, beneficiaries not only get good prices, but insurance against catastrophic drug costs. You cannot get the peace of mind of insurance by ordering your drugs from Canada.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “You have to remember that Congress created the Part D program to begin January 1, 2006. So we put all the contingencies in place to handle as much as we did.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “The people who don't take any action at all could actually find themselves just covered by Medicare or Medicaid ... so it's real important that they look at the information they received in the mail.”
 Peter Ashkenaz - “We needed to get the letters out now, so people know they will either need to take action come Nov. 15 or not take any action and be automatically enrolled in a plan.”