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 Brian Ashton - “Joe Maddock did a good job in the centre last week and he deserves to stay in the side.”
 Brian Ashton - “There has been a transformation - you can feel it among the players - but I can hold my hand up and say that is not down to me coaching on the field. You'd be better off asking Michael Foley and Richard Graham about that because they have been in charge, not me.”
 Brian Ashton - “Presenting at the Vegas Venture Forum resulted in an invitation to present at the top private equity conference in my industry. This dramatically increased our visibility and helped us to raise the funds we were seeking.”
 Brian Ashton - “We are sorry to be losing Matt for the rest of the season. We wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he will be back in time for the start of the new season.”
 John Ashton - “We're here only playing golf and having a good time. But we're here for them.”
 Kevin Ashton - “It's pretty much a little village down there where everyone knows everyone, so if they can walk into a loo and buy a condom, it's a lot easier than going to the local shop and buying them, when everyone knows what's going on.”
 Collin Ashton - “When you hold it up, you can see right through it. It doesn't smell because it doesn't retain water.”
 Kevin Ashton - “With respect to the students involved, the paper as presented is rather weak. The 'real' virus, they claim to demonstrate in the paper, is not a virus, just a self-replicating piece of SQL code.”
 Collin Ashton - “I just saw a big sign with the F-word.”
 Collin Ashton - “For the last four years they've been saying, 'There's no way it will last for one more game. No way.' But it's still here.”
 Brian Ashton - “This is something that needs to be tried in the courts. This is a huge tragedy. The family continues to suffer, and they'll never recover. I couldn't even fathom the pain that they feel through this whole thing.”
 Brian Ashton - “We lost direction for the first 10 minutes after half-time and let Bristol back into the game. To be fair to them, they took that opportunity and put us on the back foot.”
 Brian Ashton - “In my opinion, we looked the more challenging side, but we made too many silly errors which gifted them soft points.”
 Kevin Ashton - “The Mercury All-In Solution was developed following feedback from some of the world's largest users of RFID. The more we looked into demand for a low cost, integrated RFID stand, the more we realized this solved a number of issues. For businesses adopting large-scale RFID systems with hundreds of RFID readers, there's no faster way to setup the readers and antennas -- it literally takes minutes to install.”
 Kevin Ashton - “In line with this trend, revenue recognition on a number of larger banking projects will now occur later than anticipated,”
 Brian Ashton - “There were some fantastic matches between the two sides in the late eighties and into the early nineties. Perhaps not so much with the first team as these tended to be second team matches played on a Friday night, but that did not stop the two sides from going at one another, and I expect that to be the main theme on Saturday evening. We will both have a go at one another within the spirit of the game.”
 John Ashton - “We would prefer to make the changes we're looking for within the Memorial framework,”
 Brian Ashton - “I have no comment to make. I was watching the game up from the Gods.”
 Brian Ashton - “This is desperately bas luck for a player who was in form. I feel he would have made the England twenty-two, if not the starting XV.”
 Brian Ashton - “I am disappointed that James has decided to end his association with Bath Rugby and join London Irish, however I wish him well for the future.”
 Collin Ashton - “If you see someone like that who's in the spotlight and working hard and still not having a big head and coming to work every day, it makes you want to play harder for the guy. People were getting crazy out there. There's nothing better than that.”
 Brian Ashton - “There will be no excuse for not playing rugby on a pitch as good as this one. Given the playing surface at the Recreation Ground, I am not sure whether there is greater pressure on us playing at home or away. We have a good record against French teams in the Heineken Cup, but the past is no guide to what will happen on Saturday. We are aware of the challenge which faces us.”
 Brian Ashton - “It needs a strong leader at the top, not necessarily involved with coaching. Clive has done that job before and there's not the slightest doubt, if he wanted to do it again, that he has the capability. I think it is possible to revive the England side before the World Cup next year. The playing talent is there and more is coming through.”
 Brian Ashton - “I am delighted that Joe Maddock has extended his contract with Bath Rugby. He has played particularly well in the second half of the season in a number of positions and he is a back-three player who should add some excitement to our game next season.”
 Kevin Ashton - “This was a strategic opportunity that was too good to miss. Cisco was very natural fit for us. I don't think there's an RFID company in the world that would have passed on this opportunity.”

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