My Favorite Quotes
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 Carlos Asilis - “We believe such a decline is a possibility, especially if investor concerns about a below-trend gross domestic product GDP growth outlook in 2003 are realized.”
 Carlos Asilis - “We could talk about sunspots, we could talk about fiscal year-end effects, but whatever the explanation may be, history is on the side of the fourth quarter being a good one.”
 Carlos Asilis - “By introducing noise, they hope the adjustment will be smoother.”
 Carlos Asilis - “Yes, it's an unambiguous positive. But in terms of its overall importance, it's only marginal.”
 Carlos Asilis - “If rates keep going higher, that will pose some problems to sizeable chunks of the stock market, particularly financials and other areas that are interest-rate sensitive.”
 Carlos Asilis - “If an Iraq war scenario were to unfold in the early part of the year, it would probably be welcomed by the market. Especially once victory is attained, which I think it would.”
 Carlos Asilis - “Whether retail money is going to rotate back into the market in a huge way is the key. My guess is it's not going to happen.”
 Carlos Asilis - “The story is clearest in the natural resource area. They import a lot from resource-rich countries like Brazil and Chile. It's no mistake that those are two of the top five performing markets in the world this year.”
 Carlos Asilis - “The things that make up the bulk of consumer expenditures for most U.S. households -- all of them seem to be moving up significantly.”
 Carlos Asilis - “Nobody can pinpoint when this process will come to an end. But it is very clear that it can't go on forever. Do you let this bubble grow, or do you do something about it”
 Carlos Asilis - “The deal is a clear sign that it still pays to be overweight Mexico and we expect to see more upside.”
 Carlos Asilis - “Are we going to break up or down It's hard to say at this point. What is becoming clear is that buying volatility may not be a bad thing.”
 Carlos Asilis - “There is a risk that if China liberalizes the foreign exchange system when the banks need to be recapitalized, there could be trauma in the system. My impression is that the Chinese are going to be as gradual as they can.”
 Carlos Asilis - “I take great pride in the integrity and quality of our product, which often reflected non-consensus calls, even within the bank.”