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 Tuukka Rask - “This is one of the best experiences so far in my hockey life. The team played great in front of me.”
 Julie Ask - “I think it's definitely the direction the industry is going. It's a great time to be testing the market.”
 Bruce Pask - “It's one of those masculine paradigms - the pirate - like the cowboy and the all-American prep, that crops up from time to time in men's fashion. They do get kind of recycled.”
 Chris Ask - “(Practice) wasn't very pretty at times today.”
 Buddy Trask - “The third quarter was the difference in the game. Because of foul trouble we weren't able to use our man-to-man press, but did in the third quarter which got us off and running. Raymond had a great game with nine assists and seven steals to go with his 18 points.”
 Julie Ask - “The big challenge is inventory. Not a lot of people watch this, so how do you get a big enough market that makes it worth your while”
 Aimee Klask - “They used the wrong kind of dynamite and it started more fires.”
 Julie Ask - “This is going to be an exciting space for the next couple years.”
 Pat Trask - “I'm outraged that a genetically engineered alfalfa will contaminate the South Dakota alfalfa seed that has been developed over generations. Bees pollinate alfalfa, and we know that bees can forage for miles. The introduction of genetically engineered alfalfa practically guarantees that there will be no genetically engineered-free seed in a matter of a few years.”
 Bruce Pask - “People are finally catching on. It's a chic look that's really practical. It allows for different temperatures. You can take the hat off, take the scarf off. On warm days you can just turn your collar up.”
 Chris Ask - “We had so many guys contribute tonight. Everybody was hitting their shots and playing well. It's nice to get contributions from a lot of people. That takes the pressure off of other players.”
 Buddy Trask - “We had a good night on offense. We moved the ball well and hit the open people.”
 Julie Ask - “Certainly the notion of putting music video on phones will increase over time.”
 Julie Ask - “At the end of the day, most people still just want to talk on their cell phone. There are very few people who want to download music or do these types of broadband-type activities.”
 Julie Ask - “If you're in a Manhattan building with 30 apartments that's one thing. But if you're the guy who parks your car in front of a suburban house in the middle of the night and you've got the screen from your laptop glowing, well...”
 Julie Ask - “The way people make decisions about cell phones is still about cheap minutes, good coverage at home and a free handset.”
 Buddy Trask - “We were at the rim, and didn't have to rely on outside shooting and we made the big plays when we had to make them. We always want to make it interesting though.”
 Julie Ask - “There is certainly a big market for teenagers and parents adding them to their mobile phone plan.”
 Buddy Trask - “We played a sloppy first quarter and allowed some easy baskets. In the second quarter we tightened up our defense and didn't allow them to score until late in the quarter.”
 Bruce Pask - “It's a way to personalize your look, to stand out while also maintaining your position in the crowd.”
 Aimee Klask - “The same earth that made us the golden state made us earthquake country.”
 Pat Trask - “The way this spreads so far and wide, it will eliminate the conventional alfalfa industry. Monsanto will own the entire alfalfa industry.”
 Pat Trask - “It's the desire of Monsanto to pursue global control and total control over the American alfalfa seed industry.”
 Julie Ask - “It's a great time for content providers to experiment with a mobile play.”
 Julie Ask - “The challenge is not interest but rather finding the correct mix of premium content and price points that is lacking in today's offerings.”

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