My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Haskins - “Gorham made us work hard. We worked hard for the three goals that we got. The girls were persistent and stuck with it.”
 Francis Gaskins - “The greed is back, that's always under the surface. The speculation is back and people are trying to get in before the stock triples.”
 Francis Gaskins - “Their rate of growth is high. A lot about investing is getting in the market segments where the rate of growth is high.”
 Francis Gaskins - “They need to grow their customer base, ... They had a nice compound growth rate until you compare the March 1998 quarter with the March 1997 quarter. March 1998 sales are flat with the year-ago quarter. That's not a good sign in an intensely competitive industry.”
 John Askins - “In talking to the guys elected, several of them were emotional about it. Many of them said this would probably be the highest honor they would achieve in their careers.”
 Francis Gaskins - “They really busted into the big leagues. And accessing Web accounts over the phone is a good idea.”
 Henry Haskins - “Treat the other man's faith gently it is all he has to believe with.”
 Don Haskins - “I'm glad they got it done. I'm happy for the players I'm happy for the fans, even the ones who weren't around at the time.”
 Don Haskins - “The worst time of my life was the next two weeks that we won the championship and thousands of hate letters started coming in. And it really didn't dawn on me what this was all about until that time.”
 Francis Gaskins - “They have high-quality natural gas there, and it's just in the right place at the right time.”
 Jim Haskins - “With all the development and stuff that is going on, I just thought it was a good time to get back in the saddle again.”
 Tim Haskins - “For a first time for a seventh-grader, she was very aggressive and came out of the box. She did well.”
 Tim Haskins - “Amanda Pelletier played her best game of the year today at fullback.”
 Francis Gaskins - “On a strategic basis, big companies often are invested in protecting their market share and expanding from a big base. This leaves small market niches to be developed by companies that can understand and help grow 'under the radar' market niches. If the 'undiscovered niches' grow by leaps and bounds then shareholders reap big rewards.”
 Francis Gaskins - “Accelerated is in a really sweet space, ... They're a voice and data gateway.”
 Francis Gaskins - “People will just walk away if they don't have a healthy income statement.”
 Ron Haskins - “They come here ready, willing and able to work and they do it.”
 Ron Haskins - “There are people at the bottom who are worse off. We need to do something about that.”
 Don Haskins - “This is pretty exciting after 40 years.”
 John Askins - “For the first two years we'll probably take 10 because we want to build a nice foundation. After that, we'll probably do it more like the major league hall where there is no guaranteed amount.”
 Ron Haskins - “Three years after a recession we're still having trouble getting into a recovery. I would have expected poverty to go down.”
 Tim Haskins - “We were able to sub in and give a lot of time to people who didn't get any in the last game.”
 Tim Haskins - “The difference in this game was depth, we were able to sub some people in and out and wear them down a little bit. The fact that we're getting some decent contributions off the bench and people are able to hold down a spot for five or six minutes to give people some rest is a good thing for us.”
 Henry Haskins - “Some people are like wheelbarrows useful only when pushed, and very easily upset. The time to stop talking is when the other person nods his head affirmatively but says nothing.”
 Francis Gaskins - “Eden has a product that's really neat. Like a number of companies (going public) now, they have a product that's just introduced and is coming out of beta testing or is ready for prime time.”

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