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 Jim Haslam - “I don't give so I can have influence over there,”
 Tasneem Aslam - “The government has, however, not received any intimation about the troops pull out.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “We have protested to the Indian government over this provocative act in which one fisherman's life has been lost.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “Our policy is that whatever information is required, questions can be forward to the government of Pakistan and we will do the investigation.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “No one in the Pakistan government has made such a request that such maps be removed.”
 Mohammad Aslam - “Now I am able to see some hope at the end of a dark tunnel.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “We hope the postponement will not affect the schedule of the ongoing Composite Dialogue.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “It is our hope that we will be able to implement this proposal this month.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “A joint statement, to be issued at the end of the president's visit, will highlight the importance of agreements and understanding to be reached during his talks with Pakistani leaders.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “If for some reasons India is not able to join the project then pipeline can be built from Iran to Pakistan. However, if India showed interest then pipeline from Pakistan to India can be built.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “We have not yet received any list from India and our list has not gone to India.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “The OIC is perfectly within its rights to raise and talk about the Kashmir dispute, which is at the center of decades of tense ties between Pakistan and India.”
 David Haslam - “Each individual factor for weight gain is serious enough but put them all together and you can get a significant increase,”
 Tasneem Aslam - “We take the last statement of the Indian spokesman welcoming our initiative.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “We have asked Afghan authorities to investigate the matter and tell us how these innocent Pakistani civilians were killed by Afghan forces.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “It is a fabricated story and motivated by vicious intentions.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “The president and the Chinese leadership will review multi-facetted bilateral relations, regional issues and other international developments of mutual interest.”
 Farha Aslam - “Avian influenza has definitely impacted the demand for poultry in the international market and caused poultry prices to weaken, particularly leg quarters.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “We are overwhelmed by the international community's response to our appeal for the help for Saturday's quake victims.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “We need bold steps by the leadership of both countries to resolve the outstanding issues. We also need sincerity and flexibility in order to overcome the legacy of the past.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “There is no infrastructure of terrorism in Pakistan. This is a baseless allegation.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “Because of the widespread devastation the information about crossing procedures took some time to trickle down.”
 Jim Haslam - “I've said a lot of times that I wish I had all the power people think I have,”
 Tasnim Aslam - “The Indian delegation is arriving in Islamabad late in the evening. The talks will be held tomorrow.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “Basically, the delegation is coming to discuss the proposal that Pakistan had given to India on allowing travel. The Indian proposal can also be discussed at the meeting.”

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