My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Rasmussen - “When heights increase, you are making gold for owners of the property. The question is How much of that gold will be shared with the public”
 Gene Rasmussen - “If the stakes were the same as last year, that would be good.”
 Gene Rasmussen - “They played very physical inside. They were not as tall as our girls but they were a little bit bigger, and they did a good job on the boards, too.”
 Gene Rasmussen - “I didn't think we could get off to that good of a start.”
 Ross Rasmussen - “He (the movie star) did come out and shake my hand.”
 Erik Rasmussen - “We were wired up to play. You hate to say it's payback, but they're where we want to be. We want to catch them. ... It was like a playoff game tonight for us.”
 Steve Asmussen - “You hope he doesn't get caught up in too fast of a pace. I think Lawyer Ron is as fast as anyone out there. The appealing thing about racing for me is that you get to line up and prove it.”
 Steve Asmussen - “He's a nice, big horse,”
 Steve Asmussen - “He looked very comfortable, the horse that we're hoping he'd be.”
 Steve Asmussen - “The horse worked great. We're extremely pleased with where he's at.”
 Steve Asmussen - “He is the horse. He's in front. There's no performance anybody has seen yet that rivals what he's done.”
 Michael Rasmussen - “OCEG has emerged as an invaluable resource for organizations looking for practical and objective information and guidance. The OCEG IT Forum is a welcome addition to their already impressive collection of activities. Whether you manage, use, sell or add value to technology, the OCEG IT Forum should serve as a valuable resource.”
 Henrik Rasmussen - “We have been reluctant to put too many Nabi dollars into it. We have been fortunate that there has been adequate public interest.”
 Eric Rasmussen - “There's going to be a whole bunch of new products, applications and ways of using the Internet that no one has thought of before.”
 Erik Rasmussen - “I don't think they need reviving. I thought they played really well the other night.”
 Mike Rasmussen - “I thought it was a very hard-fought game. In spite of some sloppiness on our part, we persevered through it, that's the main thing.”
 Phil Rasmussen - “I definitely thought we bounced back.”
 Steve Asmussen - “I thought they both worked really well. You try to treat it as just another work, but I couldn't help being excited by the way they worked.”
 Steve Asmussen - “I'm hoping it was a useful race. It was disappointing, but he got a lot out of it. He blew awfully hard. His fitness level since then has obviously improved. I thought that it showed up in his gallops more than anythingthat he's simply fitter than he was in the Rebel. Whether it's fit enough to beat Lawyer Ron, that could be a tall task. He might not get that fit.”
 Gene Rasmussen - “We really thought it would be a battle. I'm really so proud of the girls, the way they came out and played so strong. I just think they did an awesome job.”
 Gene Rasmussen - “(In the first half), I thought offensively we tried to rush some things and forced some things, instead of just letting things happen. We did a much better job in the second half, and defensively we played much better in the second half, too.”
 Phil Rasmussen - “I don't think we lost, we just kind of ran out of time tonight. A couple more possessions and I think we could have had a chance. We were battling until the end of the game.”
 Steve Asmussen - “He definitely ran a better race. That's where I was hoping to be last time. We're headed in the right direction. He is still not right where I want him in fitness.”
 Ross Rasmussen - “One time the truck never shut off for eight days.”
 Steve Asmussen - “I haven't had a 2-turning-3-year-old horse that was this serious of a Derby prospect at this time of year.”

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