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 Chris Raso - “I got hit in the head with it. I'm going to keep it. I'm going to enjoy it.”
 Adolfo Cambiaso - “Memo is unbelievable, the way he is fit. I don't think I'll be playing that long, for sure. I hope I quit before that. I'll be around polo and horses and things like that, but not playing.”
 Taro Aso - “We strongly hope that Iran takes the IAEA resolution in a sincere manner.”
 Jo Maso - “If he plays and he's not at 100 per cent, the injury will worsen. We need to have guarantees and not take any risks.”
 John Faso - “I have a 20-year record of public service. I have a record of integrity. These are the kinds of ramblings of candidates who have no money and who are, I think, frustrated for whatever reason.”
 Taro Aso - “international responsibilities and the state of reconstruction work.”
 John Faso - “I thought the bill was too broad and needed protection against use by minors. I favor some type of parental notification.”
 Adolfo Cambiaso - “I thought I was going to be a tennis player when I was a boy. I had a coach and everything and played in some junior tournaments. I was pretty good, but it is too many hours playing tennis. I didn't like it that much. I was lazy.”
 Taro Aso - “If things carry on like this, the issue will be referred to the UN Security Council. Japan has been getting on with Iran for long time. But if Iran makes an enemy of all members of the Security Council, there would be limitations on our side.”
 Jo Maso - “The first match of the tournament is always tricky. The players have not played together for a long time.”
 Chris Raso - “Sometimes you hear about the WPIAL champion having a hard time getting ready for states. I don't see that happening with this team. They'll be ready to play.”
 Chris Raso - “I'll take our chances any time in a one-game series.”
 Jo Maso - “Olivier was not catastrophic against the English but he was responsible for three of the penalties the referee awarded against us. When he gets too wound up it's a bad time so it's time for a look at the (others).”
 Chris Raso - “One thing is that we have changed the offensive systems to fit our personnel at each place. You can't do the same thing all the time and I think some coaches get caught up in trying to run the same system when their personnel doesn't necessarily allow it. Before this season, I never coached a girl over 5 foot 9 , so this is a little different and we made adjustments to utilize our height.”
 Chris Raso - “Winning the WPIAL has been one of our goals. Now we're going to focus on our next goal and that's to win a state title.”
 Jo Maso - “The case of Martin is less serious. He has a fever, but he is under treatment and was feeling better today and we hope he will resume training tomorrow.”
 Chris Raso - “NA is a great facility to play at. What I like most about it though is that we don't have to travel that far to play our first state game.”
 Steve DeMaso - “If weather conditions don't improve soon, habitat and weather conditions will hurt the initial nesting attempts this spring.”
 Chris Raso - “Sometimes as a coach, you think it's better to lose a game and get bumped down a few pegs, but they didn't want to hear any of that. They stood by what they said. They stayed true to their word and, hopefully, they'll keep rolling along.”
 Jo Maso - “To go out as captain of the side that won the World Cup showed his real worth as a player, and he was respected by everyone in France.”
 Jo Maso - “We have won 13 out of 15 matches in the tournament in three years, we are unbeaten at home in seven matches since last November and we have beaten the tries record.”
 Jo Maso - “We knew from the beginning that the championship could be more open than the previous years and that the strongest challenge would come from England.”
 Jo Maso - “Frederic has been in pain for a month but he has played very good games with Toulouse in the Heineken Cup and the French championship and we are confident he will be at his best.”
 Jo Maso - “We wanted to select him in July and in November but he was ruled out through injuries. We are glad to give him a new opportunity to prove his worth.”
 Steve DeMaso - “Reports from the field indicated a good number of birds in the northern part of the state, but hunting conditions were not always as bountiful.”

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