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 Jo Maso - “We will count on the team from November but competition still exists within the group and that's for the best.”
 Jo Maso - “Christophe was injured in November. He is one of our best wings. We want to win the Six Nations because it's a true competition and we want to field the best players available.”
 Tom Ceraso - “It's a good relationship. He is extremely good at securing clientele, and I think that's because of his compassion with them. Then he can handle the press, while I handle the case.”
 Taro Aso - “It is very important for Japan's national interests and stability in the Middle East that Iran makes efforts to avoid friction with the international community over the issue of its nuclear development.”
 Jo Maso - “We just talked to Thomas, he said he had fully recovered and would play at the weekend with his Saracens club. Thomas made a brilliant comeback in November. He can play at fly-half, centre or full-back - for the time being we think of him as a full-back.”
 Jo Maso - “Florian badly bruised his left knee in a French championship match with his Toulouse club on Saturday. He had a scan today and doctors decided that he should be exempted from training until Wednesday. We'll see then if he has recovered.”
 Taro Aso - “I acknowledge that China is beginning to become a considerable threat.”
 Jo Maso - “If we called him up it's because he is capable of playing. We did not want to rest him for the first match. We've always said that if we had to choose between a regular first-team member who is at 80 of his physical potential and his replacement who is at 100, we would take the latter.”
 John Faso - “I and no one from my campaign was involved in this.”
 John Faso - “I think someone gave it to him out of a briefing book, and he's just not as familiar with New York as I am.”
 Chris Raso - “To be tested in a game-situation like this in front of 1,500 fans and their great student body, we hadn't seen anything like that. Sure, we needed it. Our players understood when you're under the gun, you have to find an extra gear and dig down and concentrate a little bit harder and we did that in the second half.”
 Chris Raso - “(Losing three key players) was a blessing in disguise.”
 Chris Raso - “Yea, that was typical of how we have played all year. We like to play solid defense and rebound the basketball. That's how we win games.”
 John Faso - “Apparently, Eliot Spitzer's idea of geographical balance is having a running mate on the other side of Central Park. Two Manhattan liberals - who live within a couple of miles of each other - cannot possibly understand the concerns of families in other parts of the state, or even other parts of the city, for that matter.”
 John Faso - “We must create a balance for those who work, those who pay taxes, a process where they can legalize their existence here. There has to be a balance.”
 Jo Maso - “I would rate our performance as average plus, but this average plus performance leaves us with a positive balance sheet.”
 Tom Ceraso - “You can't assume that simply because it came up missing that she had anything to do with it.”
 Taro Aso - “I don't know the reason why the Peruvian government has stopped the function of ambassador to Japan, ... I don't think it is related to Fujimori.”
 Jo Maso - “The team had a very good second half against the Italians, and we want to continue to forge ahead to beat the English.”
 Taro Aso - “I won't seek changes to the basics of the agreement,”
 Jo Maso - “We decided to rely on the players who gave us full satisfaction in November against South Africa and Australia when they were available.”
 John Faso - “It's pretty clear that Eliot Spitzer's position is that abortion is fine anytime, anyplace and for anybody.”
 Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford-Maso - “Continual improvement is an unending journey.”
 Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford-Maso - “If there is no worker involvement, there is no quality system.”
 Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford-Maso - “The only lifelong, reliable motivations are those that come from within, and one of the strongest of those is the joy and pride that grow fromknowing that you've just done something as well as you can do it.”

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