My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Asplen - “What we've begun to do is discuss the issue, the constitutional issues around that idea, again the privacy issue, which may not be unconstitutional but may pertain to our unique sense of privacy in the United States.”
 Lauren Asplen - “What it triggers is the clock ticking. It just becomes a little more of a pressure cooker.... It's all stressful, uncertain times.”
 Chris Asplen - “Ultimately it all comes down to money, ultimately it all comes down to lab capacity. One thing we are clear about is if that money were to pass (in Congress), thousands of lives will be saved.”
 Chris Asplen - “It is only as powerful as it is relevant in a given scenario. I think we need to be clear it is not a magic bullet in post-conviction cases.”
 Lauren Asplen - “We're not taking any possible action off the table. We need to be prepared.”
 Chris Asplen - “It's one of the biggest problems with the system now. Vague regulations leave the system open to abuse.”
 Chris Asplen - “This backlog affects not just the ability to identify and convict the guilty, but it also affects our ability to identify the innocent.”