My Favorite Quotes
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 Bashar Assad - “We cannot accept what we see on our television every day of the bombing of innocent civilians. There are hundreds now every day.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “When we analyze this war in a materialistic way and ask when is it going to end and who will be the winner and the loser, it means that we do not see the endgame.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “When our interests matched, the Americans have been good to us, and when the interests differed, they wanted us to mold ourselves to them, which we refused.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “We, in Syria, our point of view stems from our experience.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “We believe that Lebanon has been the first real experience for all the Arabs.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “We are dealing with treachery and threats, which accompanied the establishment of Israel.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “The U.S. and Britain are incapable of controlling all of Iraq.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “The problem is not the occupation, but how people deal with it.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “The most significant indicator that there is no disaster in Iraq is the fact that there is no exodus.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Since its very inception, Israel has been a threat.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “It should be known that Israel is based on treachery.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Israeli interests are not necessarily in harmony with the American interests.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Is there an equality of power between America and Iraq Definitely not however, the Iraqi people are standing fast and are defending their land courageously.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Hizbullah is not a militia.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “But the issue has to do with land, which is our land.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “As soon as the legitimate Lebanese government is convinced that the conditions have ripened and that Lebanon is able to maintain stability on its own... Then, the Syrian forces will return to their homeland.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “As far as we are concerned, we Syria have not changed.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Armies are not only for offensives.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “America is interested in re-arranging the region as it sees fit.”
 Bashar Assad - “Such use of this report will have big, serious repercussions on the already tense situation which our region goes through, at a time we are more in need to have objective and constructive positions that would help the countries of the region to achieve stability,”
 Bashar al-Assad - “None of us and none of the Arabs trust Israel.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Israel ranks her priorities in the following way security, land, and water.”
 Bashar al-Assad - “Worry does not mean fear, but readiness for the confrontation.”
 Bashar Assad - “We have an interest in the investigation, because we are convinced that we will be given a clean slate -- if the results are not falsified for political reasons, ... Syria had nothing to do with this murder, absolutely nothing.”
 Bashar Assad - “Syria had nothing to do with this murder, absolutely nothing.”

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