My Favorite Quotes
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 Rudi Assauer - “Financing the transfer is impossible. We could only justify the move if we were guaranteed to play in the Champions League for the next three seasons. There is no guarantee of that.”
 Rudi Assauer - “I'd trade that -- I'd rather play in the Champions League next season than in this year's UEFA Cup final.”
 Rudi Assauer - “We're a 100 percent convinced by his work. There's no need to wait until the end of the season.”
 Rudi Assauer - “That was a catastrophe, a performance I can't expect. If we had our normal form, we would have blown them away. Either I speak with each player about the problem - or I talk to the coach.”
 Rudi Assauer - “I'm not going to let anyone drive me out. My contract runs to 2008 and if anyone wants to change that, they're going to have to talk to me about it first.”
 Rudi Assauer - “We haven't been in form in recent weeks but the players gave the right answer on the field today. It was a very good display and made up for disappointing performances in the first few games. We dominated the match throughout and earned a well deserved win.”