My Favorite Quotes
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 Ted Astolfi - “This would put us more in the game if we had this land designated for it.”
 Ted Astolfi - “We're laying it out today to say this is where we want to get to.”
 Ted Astolfi - “It's a big number, and it's a big goal... but it's not an insurmountable goal.”
 Ted Astolfi - “This will put industrial (permitting process) on an equitable playing field with residential and will make us more comparable with other regions.”
 Ted Astolfi - “At the end of the day this is going to make Martin County more competitive.”
 Ted Astolfi - “We have a strong commitment to get in the game.”
 Ted Astolfi - “The real goal is to attract business and create new high-wage, high-tech jobs here in the future. We want to ensure that people can live and work in the area.”
 Ted Astolfi - “They're a clean local manufacturer that sells their product outside the local economy and, in fact, outside the United States, which helps the whole balance of trade.”
 Ted Astolfi - “I think that actions speak louder than words, and this action demonstrates to people the change that is taking place in Port St. Lucie.”