My Favorite Quotes
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 Elias Atallah - “For the first time in the history of Lebanon, the Lebanese feel that they have the power to decide their fate,”
 Elias Atallah - “This was a second independence for us, and one that was made by the Lebanese people. It can only mean that accountability and democracy will advance.”
 Elias Atallah - “The opposition sought to exploit the achievements of the upheaval, so it brokered a deal in Paris in mid-April, which allowed the Lebanese-Syrian police regime to buy time.”
 Elias Atallah - “The opposition sees the response to this new crime should be the resignation of the president as the effective head of the security and the intelligence regime.”
 Elias Atallah - “The Lebanese, during their uprising, went too far, as they put in question all police regimes in the Arab world which risked to reflect badly on Syria.”