My Favorite Quotes
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 Shatha Atiya - “I just hope he'll realize what he put us through.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He's happy to be home. It's not the time to explain anything. The whole thing is very abnormal.”
 Shatha Atiya - “A lot of things he's used to, he's not going to have for a long time.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He thinks girls require too much time, and he has more important things to do. He loves history.”
 Shatha Atiya - “We are going to watch his every move. We are going to take his passport. We're going to limit his access to money.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He's very idealistic, very politically minded and a very motivated kid. It started as a research idea, but it became almost a dream for him.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He wanted to see how the people feel about democracy and the war in Iraq. When he heard my negative response, he decided to take things in his own hands, I guess.”
 Shatha Atiya - “When he first gets off the plane, I'm going to hug him. Then I'm going to collapse for a few hours, and then we're going to sit down for a long discussion about the consequences.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He has a lot of confidence, but I never thought he would be able to pull this together.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He thinks he can be an ambassador for democracy around the world. It's admirable, but also agony for a parent.”
 Shatha Atiya - “He is very idealistic. He has many convictions. He is very pro-democracy, very compassionate, always helping out others, he's very driven. Those are more characteristics of Farris than adventurous. This is the first adventure he's been on.”