My Favorite Quotes
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 Jonathan Atkin - “This is the next leg of growth for cable companies. That's where they have minimal share today and can gain rapidly.”
 Jonathan Atkin - “None of them want to lead with price, so if you have a network that is better, it's great. Spending on voice calls is falling even without a price war, so they don't want to cut prices.”
 Dan Atkin - “It's very treacherous. ... It's better to wait until conditions are better.”
 Mike Fatkin - “The news on Michael is very disappointing but at the end of the day we can't do that much about it.”
 Jonathan Atkin - “It would be a great buying opportunity if the tower stocks got significantly hurt by news of a wireless merger,”
 Leonard Slatkin - “The stories behind the music make it come alive for kids,”
 Leonard Slatkin - “My first strong musical memory is of the Villa-Lobos Sixth Quartet which my parents were rehearsing. I remember that it reminded me of big teddy bears dancing around.”
 Doug Atkin - “The London Stock Exchange is a critical piece on the chess board. So you have to put a big premium on the price.”
 Leonard Slatkin - “How could a New Yorker possibly take something called the Hollywood String Quartet seriously”
 Leonard Slatkin - “I use my hands like a sculptor, to mold and shape the sound I want, to clarify.”
 Jonathan Atkin - “The appeal of the rural companies is that they have a lot less competition, fewer unknowns in their business and that they have decided to opt into these high dividend strategies, ... There is less chance that management will use cash for a significant acquisition or invest in things that are away from the core business.”
 Doug Atkin - “The ISE could buy some of these traditional floor markets that have decent flow, like the Amex. Or it could be bought by one of the floor-based markets, or an equity market or a futures market, with a big market cap.”
 Mike Fatkin - “We always felt we had a case geographically and politically, but what we couldn't do is assume it was going to happen.”
 Leonard Slatkin - “NSO management made the recommendation to the executive committee of the board, who made the appointment.”
 Mike Fatkin - “The deal has all but been done. We have a verbal agreement from James and it's just a case of getting the paperwork processed next week.”