My Favorite Quotes
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 Chucky Atkins - “But great individual talent isn't what wins games in the NBA. The guys have to all be on the same page to win. I'm not sure they had that last season.”
 Dean Atkins - “There's really no secret menu. Our motto is to give the customer what they want. If they want extra tomato, more sauce, pickles, whatever - we'll do it.”
 Joe Atkins - “Well, there was one fellow that wanted to give me a good swift kick in the rear end for not getting our work done,”
 Garrett Atkins - “Anytime you give up one run in Coors Field you expect to win a ball game. It just shows how well Myers pitched.”
 Terry Atkins - “They help us remove non-working dollars and re-deploy them, so we can spend more on actual marketing. Our goals and theirs are not mutually exclusive.”
 Alan Watkins - “Tonight we did a good job at the plate of driving guys in.”
 Sherron Watkins - “In the beginning, Enron looked good on paper,”
 Tim Watkins - “He went down there to work because there's no work up here except for minimum wage. He was trying to better himself. I heard he was doing good and got an apartment with a friend. He was on his way.”
 John Atkins - “Why an arbitrary figure of 30 days The US Government has long accepted it only takes one day to be exposed to Agent Orange.”
 Garrett Atkins - “As much grief as I take the rest of the year, plays like that, you've got to savor them and enjoy them. I've helped the team win with the bat before, but it's nice to do it with the glove.”
 Howard Atkins - “We had solid, broad-based and, in many businesses, accelerating revenue growth, with revenue in businesses other than home mortgage up a combined 17 per cent from a year ago.”
 Bill Watkins - “Healthy demand across all markets continues, with the most robust growth coming from the notebook and consumer electronics markets,”
 Bill Watkins - “The consumer is where the growth is. All the hard drive guys look smart right now,”
 Dorothy Atkins - “I think my dad was most proud of Dick because he never got a big head. And he didn't do a lot of showboating on the field. He just played the game.”
 Patricia Watkins - “It was like a split second. I turned my head back to the field and he was in the end zone.”
 Melvin Watkins - “If you're talking to me, I want to be the head coach here.”
 David Atkins - “This may truly be a teachable moment about the impact of poverty and race on health,”
 Bob Watkins - “You can't put a poor person in a house needing repairs.”
 Donald Watkins - “It may be a complex case from their side, but if our man is innocent, did not do it, did not participate, did not know about it, there's nothing complex about that.”
 Mel Watkins - “This is an amazingly complex man. Intelligent -- and he was anything but what people take him to be.”
 Donn Atkins - “I don't think we need to radically change incentives and financial programs. It's more about coverage and enablement than anything else. We are not interested in creating a lot of stacking. We are protecting the investment our current partners have made.”
 John Watkins - “It is somewhat ironic. Jessica Williams, we know she was not impaired because a jury said so, yet she is in jail. With Veronica Schmidt, we don't know if she's impaired, and she's free.”
 Pat Watkins - “I'm just trying to get him to stop all these bad judgment calls.”
 Chris Atkins - “In an age of increasingly mobile labor and capital, companies are more sensitive to tax burdens than ever, ... Rather than chasing away employers with overly aggressive corporate tax laws, states should move toward more stable and less economically harmful revenue sources.”
 Greg Watkins - “The questions were geared more toward the language arts, and since I am a math and science person, I only offered little tidbits to my teammates who were more language-arts oriented.”

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